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Rudolfinum, half-naked dancers and luxurious sexy outfits by Zuzana Kubíčková.

Zuzana Kubíčková’s gown with Preciosa crystals dazzled the audience at Rudolfinum!

Dominika Žejdl
04.Sep 2018
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Dress with Preciosa little stones

Zuzana Kubíčková is among the best Czech fashion designers that you can see in our country. Her fashion is full of feminine garments, sophistication, elegance, refinedness and old textile techniques applied to modern clothing. Fashion for women who love originality and extravagance mixed with luxurious style!

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Dominika Žejdl
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Ornella Koktová
Móda proti proudu

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Dominika Žejdl

An entire show is refined style

Zuzana Kubíčková’s show started with a special dance performance of half-naked men. As soon as the choreography ended, the models started walking the floorboards. Many famous celebrities attended the event, including Monika Babišová, Kaira Hrachovcová, Veronika Nizlová and her sister Daniela, Matyáš Hložek and others. 

The Rudolfinum Hall inspired the Couture collection

We learned that the designer of the luxurious outfits, Zuzana Kubíčková, was inspired by the majestic Rudolfinum building when designing her Couture collection, only at the end of the breath-taking show. Nevertheless, it was obvious at first glance that the garments were perfectly suited to this special location.

Luxusní byt Vinohrady - 230m
Luxusní byt Vinohrady - 230m, Praha 2

Luxuriously detailed workmanship is typical for the designer

When we mention Zuzana Kubíčková, everybody doubtless imagines the finest and most luxuriously detailed workmanship. This collection was no different. Cut crystal reflected the lights in the hall, tulle and feathers danced around beautiful bodies. The thirty classic garments with sheer materials, embellishments and flawless details could only be admired.

Natural colours and dazzling Preciosa crystals

What’s more, the new Couture collection is embellished with Preciosa crystals, following up on the garment and accessory capsule that the designer created for Preciosa’s campaign titled St. Elsewhere. 

Compared to the previous collection, Zuzana opted for more delicate colours, such as powder, nude and beige. The dynamic and diversity of the collection is underscored by five more striking models which use sparkly green, sky blue and lilac. The highlight of the collection is the aforementioned gown sewn of luxurious Preciosa crystals. 

Dominika Žejdl

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

The most beautiful MBPFW show so far!

I really loved the atmosphere of this show! Finally, we can see details crafted down to the finest detail, and loads of manual work. Finally, we can see a collection that every woman must sigh over in admiration.

Surprisingly, my favourite item is the shorter knee-length dress, rather than the long evening gown. It is classic white with long sleeves embellished with lace, no plunging neckline, an embroidered collar and a delicate ribbon tied in a bow. There is a reason why in time long past, Prague used to be nicknamed the “second Paris”. It’s as though Zuzana Kubíčková wanted to win back this title with her garments!

There is also the unmissable sheer dress covered in Preciosa crystals. At first glance it looks like the “jumpsuit” worn by Kim Kardashian West in the latest version of the theme for her reality show. (By the way, that was a piece from the Gucci Fall 2017 collection worth an incredible 264,000 CZK.) However, it must be noted that Zuzana did her own thing. What we see here is a luxurious gown with green ostrich feathers on the sleeve cuffs. Overall impression? Fantastic!!! 

Ornella Koktová
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