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Y&T Luxury Property - exclusively a ladies´ affair

Elena Jakubovic
24.May 2018
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Y&T Luxury Property whose team consists solely of women, has been providing its customers since 2010 with innovative, creative and highly professional and individual approach. 

We are a young company which has very quickly become a strong competition in the market. In the course of its existence we have already sold and leased over thousands of real estate in the most lucrative Prague locations.

Strictly a ladies´ affair

To place my bet on a team consisting solely of the fairer sex had not been my initial intention. However, shortly after I founded the Y&T Luxury Property, I noticed that it was predominately women who were interested in working for the company. There is some prejudice about women work teams in that they often disagree with one another, but nevertheless I decided to try out such cooperation.

I have never regretted my initial decision. Our female clients express admiration, and we also hear words of support from men.  My team consists of talented businesswomen, who easily find a common business note with clients of our real estate company. I support my team for it to be successful in both personal and career life because I am convinced that it is not necessary to give up one or the other.

Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m
Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m,

Fragile women with business sense

For Y&T Luxury Property the deal itself is at least as important as care for the client, where we try to listen to every wish and understand that the client often has personal ties to a property. So we do not only provide mediation services, but also trade coaching. 

We take our clients through the entire negotiation process, thus helping to achieve the best results possible. We are women with an impact on the real estate market. That´s our motto. Although sometimes we balance on stilettos, we stand firmly behind this credo. 

Analysis of the real estate market

We carefully monitor any changes in the Czech real estate market. Our price maps and articles about the latest trends in property sale and lease may be found every month under the tab "Housing” of the online magazine The first of the articles of the real estate series that can be found on the pages is dedicated to the topic of Prague demographics.

We have a genuine Czech company

On the road to success I as the founder have decided not to rely on franchises of multinationals and the name of my company is not associated with any other Czech or foreign firm either. We are a Czech company which firmly stands on its own two feet. 

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Y&T Luxury Property
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