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What the next days full of fashion will look like and how you should go about choosing your outfit

Is your closet empty? We know what to buy at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week

Marie Ševčíková
04.Sep 2020
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2 minutes
Žena v oranžových šatech ve městě

The long-awaited fashion event is here. Where to go, what to focus on and what to wear? Everything you need to know to become a star of this year's Fashion Week and enjoy the luxury event to the fullest!

This year's Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week will take place in the former monastery of St. Gabriela. This mysterious and imposing space seems to be tailor-made for the marriage of fashion, design and inspiration! That's why your outfit should make a clear statement that you truly belong to this magnificent hall. Soak up inpiration from the mysterious and impressive architecture when picking a suitable model!

And since you're going to visit a truly unique place, don't forget to find time to take a good look at all the Gabriel Loci halls in addition to all the fashion.

Byt na prodej Smetanovo nábřeží 235m
Byt na prodej Smetanovo nábřeží 235m, Praha 1

A gown for a great hall with a glass roof

Be original and stylish! The great Gabriel Loci hall with its roof of colored glass deserves that you go out of your way to wear something special. Get inspired by models such as this luxurious Lousia Parris dress, in which all the eyes will be upon you!

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Velký sál s prosklenou střechou
Velký sál s prosklenou střechouSource:

Extravagantní šaty s barevným vzoremSource:

Romantic hall with wooden roof and crystal chandeliers

This place asks for a romantic outfit, preferably in earthy shades and made of natural materials. Don't be afraid flaunt this romantic Zimmermann jumpsuit with a bare back that will go with the atmosphere perfectly and you'll look amazing in it!

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Sál s dřeveným stropem a lustry
Sál s dřeveným stropem a lustrySource:

Béžový overal s holými zádySource:

Minimalist white with a touch of elegance

If pants paired with an interesting top are more your style, this combination is your best bet! In the white extravagant Reem Acra top, you'll definitely draw a lot of attention at MBPFW. Watch out, though, someone could easily mistake you for one of the models!

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Čistě bílý sál Gabriel Loci
Čistě bílý sál Gabriel LociSource:

Bílý excentrický top a černé kalhotySource:

A fairytale staircase for a princess

The last bit of inspiration we've chosen for you matches this beautiful luxury staircase with an ornamented wrought-iron railing. A place like this is the perfect backdrop for a princess, or for photos from the Fashion Week! How would you like to pose here for a photo in this tulle dress with contrasting indigo embroidery from Needle & Thread?

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Schodiště se zdobeným kováním
Schodiště se zdobeným kovánímSource:

Indigo tylové šaty s vyšívánímSource:

Don't forget that you're about to attend an event where your outfit helps create the overall atmosphere. But it's of equal importance that you feel your best in it. And while you're busy choosing the perfect dress, we'll be monitoring for you what the celebrities decided to wear for the event!

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