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Being ill would be much less of a pain here!

You'd really enjoy staying in this hospital! Massage, sauna, fitness or a personal assistant! You can have it all

Karolína Lišková
11.Aug 2019
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This hospital is one of the most modern in Europe

Nowadays, being ill is a luxury. Even though employees are granted sick leave from the first day of the illness again, we are always dreading the day when the paycheck arrives, because it will be lower than usual. Besides, we like to pay a little extra in such cases - in this day and age, very few Czechs will try to save on their health. We've found a hospital where everyone would want to lie! The price for one night here is comparable to that of a night in the luxury Four Seasons hotel!

The apartments ale luxuriously equipped
Fitness center
The apartments has also a fireplace

We're talking about the Rehabilitation Hospital Beroun, where people recover from injuries or complicted surgeries. It really is a top quality establishment, which is further proven by the numerous people with resounding names who have been treated here.

To name a few, Vlastimil Harapes, Josef Laufer, Hana Hegerová, Jana Brejchová, Marie Poledňáková, Jiří Menzel, Juraj Herz, prof. Zdeněk Mahler or athlete Imrich Bugár have all found themselves in the hands of professionals working in this hospital.

Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč
Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč, Praha 7

Services that will have you floating on cloud nine

"We have a Silver and a Gold Apartment for patients who require above-standard service. The price, which includes a plethora of services, is unified - eight thousand crowns per night,"

spokeswoman Lucie Menclová disclosed to

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Beds are adjustable
Beds are adjustableSource: archiv Rehabilitační nemocnice Beroun

For this price, you can sleep like royalty on adjustable beds and benefit from individual medical services. In addition, you'll be assigned a personal assistant who will set your alarm clock, wash you, accompany you to procedures, provide in-room catering, prepare your meds, or run to the pharmacy on your request.

There is also the option of a so-called incognito mode, so if you are bothered by the fact that your name exists in the internal system, you can make it disappered. Instead of Novák, you'll become a Dvořák.

You will also gain access to the massage pool and massage water bed, and not just you as a client, but even your escort. Furtheremore, you'll have a sauna and a gym at your disposal, which surpasses most of Prague's overpriced gyms. As a bonus, you are entitled to a massage.

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There is also a swimming pool
There is also a swimming poolSource: archiv Rehabilitační nemocnice Beroun

Equipment and diet

Upon entering the apartment, you'll immediately feel like in a hotel. This facility is as far from a regular hospital as possible. The walls boast a luxurious gold-black wallpaper, there is a fully equipped kitchenette, an elegant electric fireplace and, of course, a Hi End satellite TV. The view from the terrace is simply breathtaking.

Food and drink service is all inclusive, covering all-day food, drinks and snacks. Of course, unless your doctor puts you on a diet. The facility ensures that fresh fruit and dessert are served daily in the room.

Your can find bathrobes and bath towels in your room, enjoy high-speed internet and park your car for free in a monitored parking lot. All in all, you can basically come here for a healing holiday. Our editorial staff hope that all hospitals will look like this in the near future.

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Golden bathroom
Golden bathroomSource: archiv Rehabilitační nemocnice Beroun

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Rehabilitační nemocnice Beroun
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