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Experience historical monuments firsthand

You too can live in a chateau! We bring you the TOP 5 chateau resorts

Mgr. Jana Höger
28.Sep 2019
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Zámek Loučeň

The time of summer holidays typically associated with visiting castles and chateaus is gone, but why be sad? Unique experiences can still be had in chateau resorts offering fairytale-like accommodation. Treat yourself to a great deal of luxury with a touch of history and old time stories.

A tour of historical monuments takes on new forms in the 21st century. The trend is not just learning something about the monument, but also staying in the chateau appartments overnight. And we're not talking about cold gothic rooms with a fireplace. We are referring to luxuriously furnished rooms with modern amenities. For real!

1. Chateau Litomyšl - Italy at your fingertips

If you head to the Litomyšl chateau, you will discover a piece of Italy in the Czech Republic. This town promises a romantic trip and originally designed rooms, located in the heart of the cbateau grounds. For CZK 3,000 you are guaranteed peace and quiet, with history at your fingertips. With all this considered, an exclusive holiday is guaranteed.

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Zámek Litomyšl
Zámek LitomyšlSource:

2. Baroque pearl of Central Bohemia - Jemniště

Chateau Jemniště offers a very cozy apartment, Terezie, which is simply perfect for a couple in love. It will impress you with its magnificent, very tastefully furnished space. The view of the night-lit castle along with the blazing logs in the fireplace will create a heartwarming atmosphere, making you feel right at home. Luxury breakfast delivered to your room is a matter of course. A night for two person, breakfast and dinner included, costs a little over 4,500 crowns.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

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Zámek Jemniště
Zámek JemništěSource:

3. The enchanting environment and unique atmosphere of Chateau Loučeň will warm your heart

Fifty kilometers from Prague, an architectural gem surrounded by a unique system of labyrinths and a chateau park covering an area of ​​28 ha awaits. This vaste area allows your soul to fly and acts like a refreshment to your body and mind. And it's not just the greenery that works wonders on your body - the four-star hotel located directly in the premises of Chateau Loučeň will also offer you a chance to relax properly. A night for two people costs 3,900 crowns.

Zámek LoučeňSource:

4. Chateau Zbiroh is a place of famous names

Chateau Hotel Zbiroh is the only hotel that offers visitors a chance to spend the night in the very chambers where such great men as Emperor Charles IV, Sigismund, Rudolph II or celebrities like Alfons Mucha and Ema Destinová stayed before. This prestigious and unforgettable accommodation in luxuriously furnished Deluxe rooms with history shrouded in mystery costs five thousand crowns per night for two persons.

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Zámecký resort Zbiroh
Zámecký resort ZbirohSource:

5. Hrubá Skála - romantic chateau on massive sandstone rocks

Do you want to explore our past without being deprived of all the conveniences and luxuries of the presence? Are you romantic by nature? Then visit the Hrubá Skála Castle Hotel near Turnov, in the heart of the Bohemian Paradise, which offers a comfortable stay, relaxation and regeneration treatments and excellent cuisine. The price per night for two persons is 1,800 CZK.

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Zámek Hrubá Skála
Zámek Hrubá SkálaSource:

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