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Yoga is not only exercise which helps us to stretch our muscles. It is a philosophical and religious discipline which originated in ancient India. It is capable of giving us much more than you may think.

Yoga: exercise to induce luxurious feelings

Eva Ledecká
14.Mar 2017
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Yoga develops our concentration and we can also increase our self-confidence thanks to it. It helps us overcome bad habits and calms the nervous system. It does of course also have a beneficial effect on the physical side of things. It firms the muscles and special yoga exercises also relieve back pain.

You can practice yoga anywhere

The basis of yoga is constituted by a set of positions (Asana) which act on the endocrine glands that stimulate our hormones. For every type of yoga, one very important thing is the Pranayama breathing technique which has an excellent influence on our metabolism and blood circulation.

There are in practice many types of yoga and we will focus on its modern forms which you can try out for yourself. They are not demanding and have become very popular recently. Among other things, thanks to the luxurious feeling which they induce.

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga

In our European countries, Hatha yoga is regarded as the basic type of yoga, representing luxurious and undemanding exercise suitable for all beginners. For more advanced practitioners of yoga, there is Ashtanga yoga, which is more dynamic and is performed at a faster pace. While practising yoga, you will improve your cardiovascular system and have a better chance of losing weight.

Bikram yoga

Many of you may choose Bikram yoga during the winter, as it is practised in a room heated to 42°C with air humidity of approximately 40 %. Thanks to the high temperatures, your body burns more calories and this form of yoga helps to increase your stamina. Hot yoga works on the same principle, only it is made up of different types of exercises than Bikram yoga.

Power yoga

One of the latest styles of yoga which is mostly practised in luxury fitness centres, is represented by quick exercises thanks to which you can burn off a lot of calories. This type of yoga was created at the end of the 80s and is still very popular, especially among young people who do not like slow yoga movements and who want to give their body more of a workout.

Aqua yoga

As the name suggests, aqua yoga is practised in the water. During this luxury type of exercise, it is necessary to concentrate on the technique of the exercises you perform.

Restorative yoga

If you have suffered an injury, try restorative yoga exercises during your convalescence, characterised by their slower pace. Only a few positions are practised and each individual exercise is relatively long. Thanks to you staying in one position for a long time, you can however relieve pain, for example of the joints and better stretch your muscles.

Prenatal yoga

We left exercise designed for women until the very end. This type of yoga is represented by special exercises designed for pregnant women. The exercises focus heavily on breathing and posture.

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