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The Minions first saw the light of day in 2015 and they’re still dominating the world of children. Where did Kevin, Bob, Steward and all their friends come from? Why do children love them so much, and why can’t most adults stand them?

Yellow knights in blue overalls: Give the Minions a chance!

Eva Ledecká
15.Jul 2017
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If you don’t have children and these luxury yellow figures staring down at you from many a product irritate you, take the time to watch this animated film. The fact is that the Minions are really quite sympathetic. They have their own language, which mixes English, Spanish and French. They are funny, happy and never get bored. Give the Minions a chance and have some fun with their luxurious stories! 

Give the Minions a chance!
Steward, Kevin and Bob
Minions as DJs

My two-year-old nephew can barely speak yet, but he already knows how to say “Minion”. When he wanted a drink, he said “I want a Minion”, because there was a picture of one on his bottle. When he was supposed to go to bed, he said “Minion” because he had one on his pyjamas. There did this luxurious yellow creatures actually come from?

“The Minions existed on earth long before humans appeared.”

That is how the story of the Minions, which has already seen two sequels, begins. They were conceived in the ocean and through evolution migrated to dry land. Their purpose in life is to help the world’s greatest villains.

Luxusní dům na prodej se zahradou a bazénem
Luxusní dům na prodej se zahradou a bazénem, Praha 9

First it was the dinosaurs, and with the arrival of humans it became people. The Minions always chose the very worst in the history of civilisation. They influenced our history without our ever having noticed. But after the death of Napoleon, they remained alone in a winter cave and founded their own civilisation. After some time, however, they started getting bored, and were it not for one daredevil, they would most likely have gone extinct...

Kevin, Steward and Bob on the scene!

The courageous Kevin, the banana-craving and musically talented Steward and the tiny Bob head out into the world to find the biggest villain they could serve. This is the start of an incredible adventure for the yellow knights in luxurious blue overalls.

In short, the Minions have become a legend and we are already looking forward to future luxurious stories, as are our children!

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