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The coronavirus canceled many celebrations. Czechs are reluctant to give up celebrating freedom, though.

This year's November 17 will be in the spirit of online celebrations

Karolína Lišková
11.Nov 2020
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Žena s českou vlajkou u Václavském náměstí

Many associations and organizations are looking for ways to commemorate this year's November 17th. The Díky, že můžem (Thanks for being able) association organizes the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution at least virtually. There will be an online program, live broadcasts or a remote vigil. Activities outside the online environment are also planned. Important buildings will be illuminated in state colors and a charity Velvet Brunch will be delivered. A special slot will be given to the legendary song Modlitba pro Martu (Prayer for Marta) in a joint radio broadcast.

We must not forget

According to the organizers, the current situation does not mean that people should forget about the national holiday.

"Freedom is also a responsibility. We follow this motto during the preparations for this year. I would like November 17 to be a day of peaceful celebrations from home and a time for each of us to reflect at this special time. We can all stop, at least for a moment, and realize the power of the ideas of the Velvet Revolution. Although for different reasons, we also now feel the fragility of our freedom,"

said Daniel Peřina, director of Korzo Národní.

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Dítě držící českou vlajku.
Dítě držící českou vlajku. Source: Aleš Král

Candles are lit by volunteers

A vigil on Národní třída is inextricably linked to the Day of the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy. Because of the ongoing state of emergency, the organizers came up with a way for people to honor the monument without a personal presence on the spot.

"We are preparing a live broadcast from around the vigil. For a voluntary contribution, there will be an option to light a candle remotely and attach a message with one's name. We will print it out and stick it to a real candle, which one of our volunteers will then place at the memorial site,"

describes Peřina.

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Ruce, co zapalují svíčku.
Ruce, co zapalují svíčku. Source: Adam Mráček

However, the program for the national holiday does not end there. A selection of live broadcasts from several stages is prepared for the public - from the traditional Václav Havel's Living Room to debate, theater and music stages. At the same time, online access to historical lectures and recordings of witness statements on the topic of the Velvet Revolution is planned. Fans of social media won't come up short either. Among other things, a new virtual filter with a ribbon in the colors of the tricolor will be waiting for them on Instagram.

Prayer for Martha will happen!

November 17 will be dedicated to several impressive initiatives, both in the public space, on the radio or in the public television broadcast. All will start at the symbolic time of 11 minutes after 17 o'clock. Singer Aneta Langerová will sing the iconic Prayer for Marta from the balcony of the National Theater and a TV broadcast of it is planned. The song will also be heard all over Prague thanks to the city's speaker and siren system. Several radio stations also joined in on the initiative, and will set aside time for the memorial event in their broadcasts.

Prague Castle, the Petřín Lookout Tower, the Dancing House, the Mahen Theater in Brno or, for example, the Moravian Theater in Olomouc will be lit up in the state colors.

"With this gesture, we would like to remind people in the public space with dignity and safety of the values ​​of the Velvet Revolution and the importance of freedom. Above all, however, we want to send a nice and positive message to society. We all need hope now,"

said Lukáš Černý, chairman of the Díky, že můžem association.

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Balkón se státní vlajkou.
Balkón se státní vlajkou.Source: Adéla Smrčinová

Velvet food all the way home

Celebrations will make it to the people outside of the online environment in other ways as well. Thanks to the cooperation with the Breakfaststory platform, you can pre-order the Velvet Brunch with delivery all throughout Prague. Breakfast is prepared by employees of social enterprises. Each portion purchased means another one for selected seniors in need. You will be able to select from three menus.

"The values ​​of the Velvet Revolution remain relevant, if not more important now. The only way to fully experience freedom as soon as possible hinges on the solidarity and responsibility of each of us,"

concludes Daniel Peřina.

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Srdce Václava Havla.
Srdce Václava Havla.Source: Aleš Král

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