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The premium luxury yacht by British shipbuilders is the first yacht featuring a state-of-the-art audio system, Naim. It is also full of design innovation.

Yacht Princess S78 Sets the Tone of the Voyage by State-of-the-Art Audio System, Naim

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15.Feb 2019
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Princess S78 defines the category of Princess Yachts Sportbridge, it is therefore mainly intended for those who enjoy luxury and entertainment. It is 78 meters long and can achieve the speed of 39 knots. Among the most important featured of the whole yacht it the socialising cockpit with exclusive modular seating, together with the kitchen arrangement.

Thanks to the sliding doors located in the side the cockpit and the salon can turn into one great covered area intended for entertainment!

The Luxurious Naim sound system resonates throughout 

The unusual attraction, which makes S78 truly exceptional, is its built-in audio system interconnected throughout the entire yacht. It delivers a rich sound and the option of enjoying music in any area of the ship. The four-digit system, Uniti Atom by Naim is as standard fitted in the cockpit, the salon, on board and the main cabin. Using the Naim mobile application the sound may be controlled at the same time in all four above-named areas without much sound overlay. If you would like to enjoy an even better quality, it is possible to buy a special 'package', which includes gives you the option to sync up to eight Uniti systems, called Uniti Star.

Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m
Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m,

On this yacht you will appreciate many beautiful features such as the Macassar Ebony panelling, soft oblique geometric furniture, brass surfaces or large windows. Below deck there are four cabins for eight guests. At the rear part there is a room for further guests or a 2-3-member crew.

Relax at your fingertips

The yacht is cleverly conceived. The hydraulic swimming platforms will get into the world of rest. The perfect luxury sunbeds of comfortable delightful design will capture you with a book in hand before you say Bon voyage!

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