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The Worst St. Valentine's Gifts? Here is a List of the Ultimate Hellish ones.

Ornella Koktová
06.Feb 2019
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The most amorous feast of Valentine himself is almost here. If you belong to the category of people that doesn´t care, then there is nothing to be done about that. However, if you perceive this day as something of a cult thing, or you regularly end up doing something about it at the last moment as if by accident, here is a list of the worst stuff that should NEVER be given to ANYONE for St. Valentine's Day!

Beware of canned cat food!

Your girlfriend or wife has always loved cats. She has them at home, cuddles them and time to time suggests that she wouldn´t mind getting another one. And what happens? Here we have St. Valentine´s and you hand her a luxuriously-wrapped heart-shaped present...but it contains a Valentine's edition of cat food!!! This will cause a scratch or two...

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m, Praha 5

Another bright idea is the hideous green cushion inscribed "Today yes, darling."

For goodness sake, not only is this message annoying, but whoever gives his beloved something like that as if loses his ´balls´. As Ariana Grande, says, the answer is clear. "Thank you, NEXT"!

The most uselessly spent three hundred crowns? Certainly on the game of "Chilli Spicy Enslavement."

To be honest, I have read a few of the ´tasks´. And an attack and binding of your partner when the lights are off (without knowing in advance), is rather about dying than excitement. So NO!

And the absolute worst to conclude with!

You are having a luxurious candle-lit dinner with the man whom you´ve been dating for five years. For the last three years you´ve been perfecting your signature with a new surname. And now there is a small luxurious gift box in front of you from Tiffany´s. You can hardly breathe, mindlessly photographing it, throwing it raw on Instastories (congratulations already flying about). You open it and there are idiotic earrings with some snail shell. Kill or not to kill? Yell or simmer? Pretend joy? It is bad enough that in the morning you had to pretend orgasm… This is the end of it!

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