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Fashion trends that should never have become trendy.

The worst fashion trends of the 21st century: A dog as an accessory, stiletto sneakers and Crocs from Hell

Martina Šmalclová
15.Jan 2021
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Paris Hilton se psem

There are models about which you simply can't be sure why they were created in the first place, no matter how much time has passed. Plastic shutter shades, hip pants that draw unwanted attention to one's "love handles" and endanger your kidneys or Crocs shoes. Those belong to fashion hell and always have - not even Balenciaga can change that, although they tried very hard to turn them into a trend in their 2017 catwalk show. It was all in vain. What other fashion pieces should you leave at the bottom of your closet or at the back of your shoe cabinet for good?

Stiletto sneakers

Stiletto sneakers are one of the biggest fashion mistakes in history. You can't run in them, you can't wear them for a date, and no matter what you try to combine them with, it will always be a tragedy. The only solution is to pull them off the catwalks and ban the stars from wearing them.

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Nicki Minaj na MTV Europe Music Awards 2018
Nicki Minaj na MTV Europe Music Awards 2018Source:

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Boty Sies Marjan
Boty Sies MarjanSource: archiv Sies Marjan


Yes, you can argue that walking in Crocs feels like heaven. And we agreeu. That's why we'll let you wear them while working in the garden or taking the trash out, but leave them at home in any other case. They don't belong on the streets, nor should they be packed in your vacation suitcase, and most importantly, they should never appear on the catwalk.

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Boty Crocs s kameny
Boty Crocs s kamenySource: archiv Crocs

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Přehlídka Balenciaga
Přehlídka BalenciagaSource: archiv Balenciaga

Uncrowned queen of hip pants, Britney Spears

The era of hip pants that reveal more than they hide, was started at the beginning of 2000 by the legendary music icon Britney Spears. And, of course, every teenager wanted to follow her example. Years go by, but Britney Spears refuses to abandon this trend. The only difference being that instead of jeans, she often opts for shorts...

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Britney Spears
Britney SpearsSource:

Dog as a fashion accessory

It was 2007 and the socialite and heiress of the Hilton hotel empire, Paris Hilton, began carrying her mini dog around in luxury handbags. Suddenly, it became a huge hit, and dogs who dared to grow larger than the usual size of a handbag fell out of favor. Breeds such as the Chihuahua or Pomeranian, which don't require much space, immediately landed on the top of the rankings of the most popular dogs.

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Paris Hilton se psem
Paris Hilton se psemSource:

Trucker caps

Trucker caps with the Von Dutch logo should be left to truckers once and for all. They are neither sexy nor trendy. The fact that Paris Hilton, Madonna, Kylie Jenner, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Nicole Scherzinger or even Diane Keaton proudly wore them on multiple occasions doesn't change anything!

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Nicole Scherzinger v trucker hat
Nicole Scherzinger v trucker hatSource:

Shutter shades: Sunglasses without function

Artsy and completely useless. Thats the easiest way to describe these plastic sunglasses that became a big hit in 2007, after rapper Kanye West donned them on stage. Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga or Jim Carrey are also guilty of wearing the; the latter sported the "stylish" black model in 2011 at the premiere of Mr. Popper and His Penguins.

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Jim Carrey
Jim CarreySource:

Socks in sandals

Yes or no? A question that won't let many people sleep. Of course, you can forget about the good old men's sandals with cotton socks that can literally give you a headache. But how about stylish stilettos with interesting details combined with warm wool? Will you condemn this trend, too, or will you give it a chance?

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Modelka na přehlídce Versace FW2019
Modelka na přehlídce Versace FW2019Source: archiv Versace

Pronájem bytu Praha Vinoř - 60m
Pronájem bytu Praha Vinoř - 60m, Praha 9

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