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Each and every item from this artistic collection is absolutely unique. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the finesse and precision of this luxurious diamond jewellery!

The works of the grandmasters in the luxury jewellery of Buccellati

Ivana Růžičková
24.Mar 2017
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The Spider’s Web - inspired by Larionov

5 luxurious items of jewellery, 5 renowned artists

Buccellati is one of the most famous jewellery boutiques in the world, lauded in particular for its precise craftsmanship, design, expensive materials and unique artistic value. Andrea and Lucrezia Buccellati have now created five artistic items of jewellery inspired by detailed works by the grandmasters of Impressionism and a post-Impressionism. Painters such as Claude Monet, Pierre Bonnard, Homer Winslow, Mikhail Larionov and Odilon Redon are their main sources of inspiration. All five of the artistic items of jewellery, so-called “objets d’art”, were presented in a gallery in New York alongside the original paintings by the grandmasters themselves. This luxury exhibition was facilitated by the Wildenstein Gallery which mediates loan of famous pictures.

Winslow Homer

The first item of jewellery in the collection is a hand-decorated bracelet created using the tulle technique from white gold set with diamonds and is inspired by the painter Winslow Homer. The details mimic the sensual movement of the waves and stormy sea. They express not only the power and passion of the ocean, but also the elegance and sophistication of Mother Nature.

Mikhail Larionov

The next luxury item of jewellery in the collection is the so-called spider ring. The unique honeycomb technique of the Buccellati brand perfectly corresponds to the picture by the painter Mikhail Larionov entitled “The Spider’s Web”. The ring has been masterfully crafted into a spider’s web of yellow gold with scalloped borders in white gold. A diamond spider reigns supreme in the middle.

Pronájem restaurace Praha 1 - 218m
Pronájem restaurace Praha 1 - 218m, Praha 1

Claude Monet

These very charming and delicately crafted luxury earrings from white gold are inspired by Claude Monet and the surface of the sea during a wild storm on the coast of Belle-Île. Tourmaline and diamonds enhance the delicacy of the jewellery and at the same time evoke the power of the ocean and the beauty of simple colour combinations. The complicated design perfectly captures the style of the Buccellati brand.

Odilon Redon

Odilon Redon and his mystical painting depicting the flight of Phaethon in his sun chariot. These luxury earrings by the Buccellati brand in the shape of wings literally fly on the ears thanks to their original fastening. The gold surface is covered with white “feathers” in the form of diamonds.

Pierre Bonnard

Flowers provide an endless source of inspiration for the Buccellati brand and each part of this unique pendant provides a representation of nature. Seven flowers with gold petals and diamonds on a base of white gold represent the painting by Pierre Bonnard entitled “Two Vases of Flowers”.

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