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Women’s real estate agency in an advertising campaign that will blow you away!

Jana Vápeníková
10.Sep 2018
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Y&T Luxury Property – a Prague-based real estate agency staffed exclusively by women, has come up with a new website and a very unconventional advertising campaign, featuring a combination of refined beauty, poetry, humour and luxury.

The greatest surprise of all is probably the overall concept of the advertising stop. It is in fact a video accompanied by the text of a poem written by the founder of the company.

“We decided to approach communication with clients from a different angle. Instead of a dry presentation of real estate, we first want to present our sales team to potential customers through a promotional video. We take pride in our personal approach to clients, which is why we want them to meet us before attending a viewing of the property or contacting us for an expert assessment,” Elena Jakubovič explains her aims.

Luxusní dům na prodej se zahradou a bazénem
Luxusní dům na prodej se zahradou a bazénem, Praha 9

Lennon’s Wall as a symbol of transformation

The video features familiar faces and those of the new “super brokers” in various neighbourhoods of Prague, but the main action takes place near Lennon’s Wall. Why was this place chosen? “Lennon’s Wall in Prague is a symbol of transformation: This wall never looks the same on any given day thanks to the people who paint on it over time. It’s the same with Y&T. A small real estate agency gradually grew into an important player on Prague’s property market and we soon became a strong competitor even to much larger corporations. We are a sort of “real estate chameleon” – we know how to adapt very well to market needs,” the owner shares her recipe for success with a smile.

A cat to keep an eye on things

On the website at, you will find everything you are looking for in the category of luxury real estate. Selling? Renting? Investment opportunities or your own dream home? A team of professional brokers will provide expert turnkey service for anything you need. You can also look forward to the online “watch cat” which has replaced the customary “watchdog” in this case (after all, it’s rather more appropriate for an all-woman team). The website also features interesting articles from the Luxury Prague Life online magazine, the real estate agency’s media partner.

Win a Mini

Do you want your own Mini? Enter now in the competition organised for you by Y&T Luxury Property in cooperation with the magazine. You can compete HERE

About Y&T Luxury Property

The real estate agency with an all-woman team has been offering clients an innovative, creative, highly professional and personal approach since 2010.

The company focuses on the sale and lease of luxury properties, including apartments, family homes, villas, office space and other commercial premises in Prague’s most lucrative neighbourhoods.

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