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Beautiful Czech women never get lost in the world. Which luxury models are to represent the beauty and uniqueness of the Czech Republic? Do you think that they have a chance to stand out among roughly 100 international candidates?

Winners of the Miss Czech Republic Head to the World Competition! How Will they Dazzle the Judges?

Mgr. Jana Höger
02.Oct 2018
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Kristýna Langová in national costume

The Miss Czech Republic winners reap one success after another

Last year's winners of the prestigious competition, Miss Czech Republic, under the auspices of Tatiana Makarenko, set off into the merciless battle for the crown of beauty at Miss World 2018. The 1. Vice-miss, Kristýna Langová is to fly already on 4. October to the world competition Miss Grand International in Myanmar in the Philippines. It should be noted that last year, Nikola Uhlířová won 5. place in the world here. Kristýna Langová is to spend three weeks here. The final evening is planned for 25. October.

"We hope that this year round, Kristýna will win a good position, we have been preparing her for a really long time; the girls are preparing for the miss competition for one whole year in order to then reap the fruits of their efforts," added Taťána Makarenko.

Daniela Zálešáková, as the 2nd vice-miss, is to set off on 18. October to Japan, to Miss International. She is to stay there also for three weeks and the grand finale is set for 10. November. "Last year our representative here was regarded as the best- dressed one, and we wish that to remain the case this year, too."

A ´bonbon´ in the form of the reigning Miss, Kateřina Kasanová

She plans to participate in Miss World on 22. October and also present her luxury gowns. Kateřina is taking a flight to attend Miss World in China on 8. November.

What will the beauties wear this year? What delights can we expect?

The entire selection of clothing and luxury jewellery is up to us. The evening as well as leisure clothes are from the workshop of Czech designers. These include Tereza Sabáčková, Dominik Navrátil and David Hanykýř, who designed luxury national costumes. 

"Dominik Navrátil directly designs dresses for specific models; they are not rented out," adds director Makarenko.

Furthermore, we cooperate with bridal salons Delta, Sam Dolce and BMW Fashion. The finalists themselves choose their national gift, which is from the Czech crystal producer, Crystalite Bohemia. Every girl has her own vase.

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

We asked Tatiana Makarenko about how can her charges draw attention to themselves.

Taťána Makarenko:

"Mainly by being really beautiful! Both on photographs as well as in reality. At competitions I myself came across the fact that some women were beautiful on photographs but less so in reality. We try to accentuate their natural good looks. They are perfectly prepared; they know what is to happen. In addition, they have beautiful dresses, we pick interesting cuts."

Daniela Zálešáková and Kristýna Langová have revealed by what they think they can charm those present.

Daniela Zalešáková:

"I look elegant, I can communicate well in Czech as well as in English. I am not afraid to initiate conversation. I always try to be kind, humble, polite, be punctual, even though these are often small things, but they are still appreciated. I see some uniqueness in my appearance, I am often told that I look like from the Philippines."

Kristýna Langová:

"I think that I will win points for dancing and the bikini promenade. Dance is my strong point. Anything exceptional about me? Perhaps that I am always ready".

We cross our fingers for both beautiful ladies!

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