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The towns in the north of Bohemia are usually not as attractive to tourists, but Litoměřice definitely has a lot to offer!

Will you fall in love with Litoměřice like Karel Hynek Mácha?

Eva Ledecká
14.Aug 2018
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Square and Town Hall

Deluxe historic buildings in the centre of the town, including 14 surviving churches, an interesting history, links to Karel Hynek Mácha, underground tunnels and near to the infamous town of Terezín. These are the highlights of Litoměřice, a town in the north of Bohemia that is certainly worth visiting.

Litoměřice is one of the oldest towns in Bohemia. During the first half of the 13th century it became a royal town and dominated the entire north region. This was always a fertile region, grapes grew well here and the rulers of the country granted many privileges to the town. The town suffered its greatest disasters during the Thirty-Year War and during the plague. The town was emptied of people and Germans from the north came and settled here. After the Munich Agreement Litoměřice became part of the Sudetenland.

There is a reason for the deluxe Kalich House to be located on the square

Litoměřice is famous for its history of drinking. It was not only a good place for wine-making, which is proven by the shape of the tower on Kalich Kouse on the square, it was also famous for brewing beer. In other towns you could be mugged or beaten, in Litoměřice you were at risk of getting drunk. You can still find 3 small excellent breweries in the town offering deluxe beer, which is quite good for a town with a population of just 26,000.

While visiting the town you can relax in the newly established Václav Havel Park, walk through the 300 metres of underground tunnels, or visit the unique Crystal Touch museum, which exhibits the fingerprints of famous people in crystal.

Luxusní vila na prodej Praha Západ - 255m
Luxusní vila na prodej Praha Západ - 255m, Okolí Prahy

Following in the footsteps of K. H. Mácha

Czech poet Karel Hynek Mácha was also fond of the picturesque region of Litoměřice. He enjoyed wandering through the countryside here and liked the nearby peak called Radobýl. He was in love with Eleanor Šomková, but he unfortunately fell ill and he died on the day he was to marry, which was 6 November 1836. You can visit Vikárka Hosue in Litoměřice, where Mácha had a room

The sad history of the nearby town of Terezín

When visiting Litoměřice tourists also stop at the nearby fortified town of Terezín, which was built by Josef II in 1780. However it became infamous during the Second World War, when its main fort served as a Jewish ghetto. The Small Fort was occupied by the Gestapo, which established a prison here. The prisoners were then transported from here to concentration camps in Osvštim, Mejdanek, Treblinka and others. The Terezín Monument is now located in the Small Fort.

Today, the town of Terezín seems very cold. As if it was never able to come to terms with its history. The facades of the houses are mostly peeling, the town centre consists of an enormous space, a large square with a fountain in the middle, where time has stopped. As if the town sleeps and keeps looking over its shoulder for soldiers’ uniforms.

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