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Why Would Andrej Babiš and other Famous Personalities Want to Live during the Interwar Period?

Eva Ledecká
19.Oct 2018
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We are commemorating the times and event which passed 100 years ago. The interwar, i.e. the first republic period, was one full of class, elegance, pride and beautiful etiquette. We now live in 2018 and many of previously firmly-set values have dissipated from our lives. How do famous Czech personalities view the times one hundred years ago? Would they want to turn back the clock and live in the interwar period? And what would the people living in those times think about us?

These questions were answered by presenter Libor Bouček, politicians Andrej Babiš and Karla Šlechtová, Eliška Hašková Coolidge, fashion designers Natali Ruden, Liběna Rochová, Taťána Kovaříková and Ester Geislerová, actress Ivana Jirešová, models Aneta Vignerová, Jana Doležalová, singer Kateřina Mátlová and other famous personalities.

Andrej Babiš would have liked to live in the interwar period because of the great business opportunities, Karla Šlechtová would have gone further!

"One could do great business without interventions of the state. There certainly is plenty to envy," was the response of Andrej Babiš, when asked whether he would have liked to live in the First Republic times. Karla Šlechtová would go even further, preferring to live in fourteenth century!

"If I were to have an aristocratic background, I certainly would have liked to live in the interwar era," commented Jitka Schneiderová.

While Jitka Schneiderová would "in certain circumstances" accept life during the first republic period, Eliška Hašková Coolidge, Kateřina Mátlová, Natali Ruden nor Aneta Vignerová would have liked to live in that time.

Confusion and comical fools from the outer space!

Whom are we taking about? About us, people from the year 2018! This could about sum up the views of people living a hundred years ago if asked about what they think about us. Entertaining views or such that are worth considering are provided in our exclusive video.



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