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It is not surprising that male statues dominate Prague. They embody strength, courage, desire to fight to the last breath. We wish to introduce ten most famous men who influenced history of the Czech nation and rightfully their sculptures adorn our capital.

Why is it that in Prague there are more Statues of the Male Sex than otherwise?

Mgr. Jana Höger
21.Aug 2018
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The magazine Vogue for the first edition dress up sculptures in Prague

Who else than a man?

In ancient times a man in larger-than-life scale was depicted. By degrees male statues and their proportions achieved more sophisticated features. The depicted men were often heroes fighting for glory, which they obtained not only through skills, but also astuteness of political analyses or exceptionality of rhetoric talents. Tributes were paid by such statues so that their personality would endure the passage of time, and also in order not to forget their deeds, which literally changed history of mankind.

Chieftains, kings, legends and personality, which significantly influenced history of the Czech nation:

1. The famous Infant Jesus of Prague

A boy child in splendid robes with an adorable face. The statuette is originally from Spain, showing Jesus Christ as a child.

2. Titans

Prague Castle is guarded by Titan wrestlers. When entering the first courtyard, you will be stunned by the massive statues of duelling Titans, whose author is Ignác František Platzer.

3. Saint Wenceslas

Saint Wenceslas as duke of our country. The bronze equestrian statue of St. Wenceslas with his lance towering 7.2 metres above the Wenceslas Square. The model of the horse was beautiful military thoroughbred stallion, Ardo. Josef Václav Myslbek knew what to breathe into his luxurious artwork, which he was creating for more than 30 years. The sculpture is not only a symbol of Czech statehood, but also a kind of imperatively raised finger, pointing at the necessity of maintaining fundamental cultural and spiritual values of the nation.

 4. Charles IV. 

We owe much to Charles IV., as the perfect and able emperor of Holy Roman Empire, Bohemian and Hungarian King. The Neo-Gothic sculpture according to design of Ernst Julius Hähnel adorns Křížovnické square.

5. Jan Hus

One who was not afraid to tell the truth, nor was he afraid of death. The notable statue by Ladislav Šaloun is to be found in the Old Town Square.

Luxusní byt na pronájem 181m2 v Karlíně
Luxusní byt na pronájem 181m2 v Karlíně, Praha 8

6. Bedřich Smetana

Smetana has become even in his lifetime a front representative of Czech music and national culture at large. The author of the monument of the famous composer are Prof. Josef Malejovský and Arch. Bedřich Hanák.

7. Antonín Dvořák

He changed the world of music forever. He was one of the most important composers of all time and is the most-played Czech composer at all. His statue proudly stands in front of the luxurious building of Rudolfinum.

8. Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk

His unique statue is located in Hradčanské Square. It is the first ever statue of our first president on the territory of Greater Prague, standing in a public place.

9. Franz Kafka

The luxurious statue of Franz Kafka, which is very untraditionally implemented, is the work of great artist, Jaroslav Róna. When creating the work, he drew inspiration from Kafka´s short story, Description of a Struggle.

10. Václav Havel

He was not only the first President of the Czech Republic, but also a fighter for freedom. The statue of former President, Václav Havel, was created the sculptress and student, Barbora Daušová. The statue was to be seen in 2011 in the Café Slavia. At the moment, the selection of its public space placement is still being selected.

Beautiful sculptural works still speak not only about heroism of the Czech nation! They form an integral part of our life.

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