White Lion, the most Expensive Rare Animal

White lions belong among the most beautiful animals in the world, but also the most valued and most expensive ones.
10.Jun 2018
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A lion is a real king and a proud symbol of the Czech nation

Everyone who has seen one, whether in a zoo or in its natural environment on an African safari must admit that it is rightly considered to be the king of all animals. Lions are strong and noble animals. They are a symbol of royal nobility and courage, as illustrated for example by the historic designation of the English king, Richard the Lionheart. A lion is found in Aesop's fables, Greek and Roman mythology and legends of the Ancient Mesopotamia cultures, too. A white or rather a silver lion has become a Czech symbol in the 12th century.

A piece of interest here is also that a lion as the only feline lives in packs, cooperating when hunting.

A rare luxury white lion is cute at first glance but you have to be cautious, it is still a lion!

When looking at a luxury white lion you may think that it is in fact an albino. But the unusual colouring is due to a genetic mutation. In fact they are genetic mutants lacking skin pigments, thanks to which their non-mutant relatives have sandy brown colour. Individuals carrying the rare mutation were bred until an entire group of individuals was separated, creating a pack. However, it became apparent that white lions do not have any problems with their striking colouring in nature and are excellent hunters just like any others. Cubs of these lions are born snow-white and with the passage of time, their colouring may change all the way to a yellow one. The eye colour is blue and the colour of the hair and mane are not distinguished by colour.

Who can be proud of having a white lion?

There is only one place in the world where there are really white lions living in the wild and that is the luxurious Timbavati, the area of South Africa bordering with Kruger National Park. Our country can boast of white lions in the zoological garden of Dvorec. A pack of large white cats can also be seen in Liberec ZOO, but these are not lions, but the equally rare white tigers.

Luxusní byt k pronájmu - Praha 1 - Nové Město
Luxusní byt k pronájmu - Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

If you want to acquire a white lion ...

The price of a luxury white lion is estimated at around $138,000.

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