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Not much can stop the creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele. Following a flood of deluxe collections this brand also presents its new campaign called Sylvie 2018, with no other than legendary actress Fay Dunaway starring in it.

Where did she leave Clyde? The actress who played the beautiful Bonnie was the star of Gucci.

Martina Šmalclová
05.Aug 2018
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The youthful Bonnie has transformed into a charming mature lady.

Do you remember the dazzlingly beautiful Bonnie Parker, played by American actress Fay Dunaway in the film called Bonnie and Clyde? An unbelievable 51 years have passed since this cult film was made and the youthful Bonnie has become a charming mature lady, who you can admire in the new Gucci campaign.

Deluxe, but a little superficial…

There is no need to mention the fact that this legendary actress, recipient of multiple Gold Globes and other awards, looks absolutely wonderful at the age of 77. But we do think it is a shame that this otherwise well-made campaign is a little too superficial.

We are looking for creativity

Signing photographs in a limousine, luxury shopping or the journey to a magnificent residence with a swimming pool? Nothing we would not expect from a great film star and we miss a little of the creativity that is usually Gucci.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1, Praha 1

Sylvie 2018 presents Gucci’s greatest fashion gems

But we don’t want to be all critical, Gucci succeeded in one thing. He chose the best outfits for his campaign! The brand said farewell to the eccentric and difficult to wear models, which we are used to seeing on the runways, and presented some real fashion gems.

Faye Dunaway is wonderful even when wearing a tracksuit!

In the campaign Fay Dunaway wore a deluxe cream denim coat, stylish sunglasses, a beautiful floral maxi-dress combined with a trendy straw hat or even a comfortable tracksuit, in which she gave a slightly unconvincing performance on the tennis court.

Dazzling Bonnie stars in the campaign without Clyde, but next time we would welcome a little more creativity from Gucci, which is one of the attributes that the fashion world appreciates so much in this deluxe brand.

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