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Everyone knows about luxury apartments and vacation houses at the beach – so what’s left? Sure, you can also fly your own plane, but let’s talk about something else that is special.

What’s next in luxury lifestyles?

Jana Kantrová
01.Oct 2016
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Superjachta Saluzi

Renting homes in exotic destinations is nothing new and it isn’t hard to rent a luxury car to drive around your vacation destination. But there is something else, which is when you fly to your vacation on a private plane. Next, imagine your transportation actually being the location of your vacation – on a private yacht. 

On Your Own

None of us like to waste any time in our lives – and, every new experience should be something special. For both business and personal travel, it is possible to fly on luxurious private aircraft and, if you are a qualified pilot, you can fly one of these planes yourself. What a way to impress your business partners or family!

Now, if you’d also like to travel by sea, you can also rent a yacht, both big and small, family size or much bigger. Most larger yachts come with a dedicated crew. Smaller boats can sometimes be self-crewed. A great way to start to learn about dreamlike boats is to rent one.

Byt na prodej Smetanovo nábřeží 235m
Byt na prodej Smetanovo nábřeží 235m, Praha 1

The Mega-Yacht Saluzi

For those with about CZK 12 million in extra cash and a desire to have an adventure in the Southern Hemisphere or East Asia, one option is to spend a week on one of the most luxurious yachts ever built in Australia, the Saluzi. Of course, if you go, you’ll also need to bring along quite a few friends as the boat sleeps up to 32 guests in 16 staterooms. The yacht was originally built in 2003 by Austral and it was last refitted in 2014. The original luxurious interior of the Saluzi was designed by Tillberg Design AB. Ten years later, it underwent extensive renovations at Horizon Yachts and a very modern, high-end interior was installed by the design studio of Luiz de Basto Designs from Miami, whose designers are responsible for all of the yacht’s current innovative and custom features.

Something of Interest

The name Saluzi is derived from the name of a mystical horse of the Emperor Taizong of the Chinese Tang Dynasty. The artist Li Jiwei is responsible for the wonderful and colorful depictions of the horse on the sides of the yacht, which is meant to symbolize the joining of the spirituality of the East and the significance of the West.

Ultimate Luxury

The yacht boasts a total interior area of 1,650 square meters, which, after its updating in 2014, now includes 16 spacious guest staterooms (previously they were 37, but they were smaller). The guest rooms include two master suites, 7 VIP rooms and seven luxury cabins. In addition, the yacht has a cinema, a main and other lounges, extensive deck areas, including a sun deck, a spacious dining area, gym, spa and an extensive range of water toys, equipment for fishing, swimming, a water slide and other features. This luxury super yacht comes fully staffed. If you’d like to take a detailed look at the interior, you can download the yacht’s brochure (

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