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A fashion collection designed so that even mothers can feel feminine, sexy and comfortable at the same time.

What would moms like to have in their wardrobe? Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Victoria Beckham know it!

Simona Deutou
29.May 2020
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Many mothers will agree with me that motherhood changes one's attitude towards fashion. You no longer go for walks in high-heeled shoes, comfort becomes the number one requirement. Celebrity moms know it all too well, and it was motherhood that inspired them to design their own collection that perserves femininity while putting comfort in the first place.

Shapewear unlike any you've seen before!

The star of a family reality show, model and wife of the famous rapper Kanye West is a leader in introducing new trends. Not only does she set fashion trends, her name is also mentioned daily at plastic surgery clinics by clients demanding larger bottoms. This exotic hourglass-shaped beauty is the mother of four children. Kim came to the market with a revolutionary shapewear technology of uncompromising quality that really works, and called it SKIMS. This luxury shapewear is the culmination of Kim's personal experience with shaping clothing. She says that it's a great challenge for her to create well-thought-out solutions for a body of any size. Forget about the effect of a bulging belly, thanks to this collection you'll always be slim and sexy!

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

Adidas x IVY PARK promise that fashion and comfort can go hand in hand

Beyoncé is a mother-of-three and she doesn't cease to amaze the public with her flawless looks. Versace, Balmain, and Armani compete over who will dress her first. Beyoncé revealed that her relationship with fashion had been formed before she was born, thanks to her grandmother, who was a seamstress. The luxurious costumes that the pop diva wears at her sold-out concerts are sewn by her mother, and Beyoncé claims that it is much more profound to wear a piece from which you can feel so much tenderness and love. It didn't take long for the queen of pop herself to create her own fashion brand called IVY PARK. Beyoncé is the sole owner of her brand and last year she started a collaboration with Adidas. Her collection is constantly sold out. IVY PARK is designed not only for athletes. The Adidas x IVY PARK collection combines fashion and sportswear and points out that fashion and comfort can be compatible! What more could mothers want?

Victoria has a message for you: "It's about confidence and reinforcing yourself. If you look good, you will feel good and you will perform better!"

Victoria Beckham is an internationally recognized fashion icon, singer and businesswoman. She is the mother of four children. Her relationship with fashion has led her to the title of fashion designer and she inspires millions of women around the world. Victoria has partnered with the Reebok sports brand, proving to the public that she is as good at dressing women in the gym as she is in any other branch of her life. The Reebok collection is designed precisely according to her high standards. She decided to enter this collaboration after realizing that she couldn't find tasteful sportswear for the gym, in which she could also pick up children from school and feel chic. Victoria has maintained her famous minimalism and unusual range of colors. What would you say to a luxurious sports gown in which you'd turn every head?

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