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Seventeenth year of Colours of Ostrava is definitely behind us and during the four days I had a chance to listen to 350 interpreters on 22 stages. You would regret it if you knew what you missed!

What Was it Like at the Colours of Ostrava Festival? You would Regret it, if you Knew What you Missed!

Jana Fikotová
24.Jul 2018
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Colours of Ostrava

Concerts, luxury theatre performances or interesting discussions. The climax of the last day of the festival was Seasick Steave, Grace Jones and Ziggy Marley. This year was a success and apart from London Grammar who did not arrive, the organisers adhered to their programme to the dot.

Rebellious mother, Lenka Dusilová and inimitable Jaroslav Dušek

Among the greats here was for example singer Lenka Dusilová, who during the show boasted about what it is like to be a rebel and a mother in one. As always, great success here was the cult theatre performance of "Four Agreements" with Jaroslav Dušek. He is so beloved by his fans that those who did not manage to get a ticket, since they sell like hotcakes, gathered in front of a large screen located next to the Gong, thanks to which they, too, could watch what was going on inside the multifunctional hall. 

Knickers were flying through the air!

There was also Marpo & TroubleGang or the so popular Mig 21. These shows too experienced some frenzy of fans as well as Jiří Macháčk who involved all those present into the luxury concert experience. This time round the fans made Mexican waves of all kinds. Female fans at the end of the show let their hair down and during the song "Take off your panties” they did so, throwing them through the air!

Guitars made by own hand and playing wigs

Aficionados of music gimmicks praised the performance of Seasick Steve. The sensuous blues, which he played on luxury guitars which he made himself, was one of the most charismatic performances to be seen at the Colours. Jamaican gazelle, Grace Jones, also known as Jamaican Tina Turner, caught attention by her extravagance. Wigs with jingly decorations in places substituted musical instruments and were a fantastic highlight of the whole performance.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Great atmosphere on stage as well as in the relaxation zone

Ziggy Marley, son of father of reggae, Bob Marley enjoyed the unbelievable festival atmosphere. Those who wanted to relax when there was nobody close at hand could go to the zone of peace and cuddle the huge dummy, Tentaťák; in the end I bought one for my home. With the first tones of the popular luxurious voice of Marie Rotterová I again visited events of the festival which were balm for the soul not only for adult ears but children´s too. 

The bottom line is that I am already looking forward to the next year!

If I had to choose, for me the most luxurious experience was seeing George Ezra or Joss Stone with their stunning voice as well as looks. I also took great pleasure in the accompanying programmes which offered entertainment, relaxation or gastronomic experience. To be honest, for me, Colours of Ostrava is an integral part of summer and culmination of the whole year. From now I am going to count down the days before the next one. Those who did not come here this year should definitely mark the day into the calendar; 17. - 20. July 2019. Next year the renowned festival comes of age, which will inevitably have to be adequately celebrated!

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