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Ladronka Park is a popular place for people to do sports and for all those who enjoy walks surrounded by pleasant greenery. Not far from this oasis of greenery with a view over Prague is a luxury villa district. Would you like to know what life is like there?

What life is like in Ladronka

Eva Ledecká
25.Mar 2017
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Park Ladronka

Ladronka is a location in Prague 6 which has undergone extensive redevelopment over the past two decades. What was not an especially attractive location in the past is nowadays able to boast a landscaped park with more than three kilometres of high-quality paths for in-line skaters, beautiful views over Prague and the luxury Ladronka Homestead with a restaurant and cultural and social centre. The renovated homestead even boasts the prestigious award Building of the Year 2006. 

Bydlení na Ladronce
Usedlost Ladronka
Tomanova ulice - pohled z parku Ladronka

Luxury for everyone

This location is perfect for all age groups. Young couples will certainly appreciate the luxury housing not far from a place where they can pursue sporting activities. Families with children will welcome the peace and quiet and the opportunity to let their children run around outside. Older people will delight in the villas dating back to the time of the First Republic, the historical monuments in the surrounding area and the ever-present greenery.

Ladronka Park is bordered by the busy road Patočkova, over which a footbridge was built in 2004. This has made it much easier for pedestrians to cross over to the Břevnov side and the monastery there.

Prodej luxusního rodinného domu, Praha 5 - 214
Prodej luxusního rodinného domu, Praha 5 - 214, Praha 5

Villa development

In the vicinity of Ladronka, between Tomanova and Bělohorská, you can admire some luxurious villas from the era of the First Republic which were built here at a time when Prague was experiencing a period of overall development. The new development at that time had to comply with certain rules and houses were built according to a uniform urban development plan. New developments are however springing up in the vicinity of the park, offering luxury housing in villas or in flats.

The beauty of Prague within reach

Reaching the historical city centre from Ladronka is easy. Břevnov Monastery is located nearby, as is the Hvězda Summer Palace and you can also take a romantic walk along the River Brusnice. If you are thinking about finding a place to live in a quiet area but don’t want to leave behind the beauty of Prague, the luxury Ladronka location is the solution for you.

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