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What is the fragrance of Paris? We talked to EUTOPIE perfume designer Elodie Pollet

Eva Ledecká
28.Feb 2019
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There are a total of 10 luxury perfumes EUTOPIE. Elodie Pollet, its creator, comes from France but currently lives in Prague. What fragrances would she recommend to wear on International Women’s Day, and what are the fragrances of Paris?

Elodie Pollet
Všechno nejlepší k MDŽ přeje EUTOPIE
Eutopie no.9

‚Paris for me is the smell of fresh baguettes and spring blooming in parks’ says Elodie Pollet.

Paris is full of romantic places. Elodie mentions the hill in Montmartre, or the luxury garden of the Museum of Romantic Life. It is especially gardens and parks, that were her main inspiration for creating the fragrance EUTOPIE No. 7, 8 and 9. They were made in the year 2015, when Elodie lived in the centre of the Paris metropolis. These scents are also best suited as a gift to the International Women's Day on March 8th.

EUTOPIE No. 7: A Luxury fragrance of fruit and flowers, recommended for young women in spring and summer

EUTOPIE No. 8: The main ingredient is galbanum, a scent reminiscent of leaves and greenery, and is more suited for women who prefer men’s perfumes. It is also recommended for men.

EUTOPIE No. 9: It is characterised by woody tones, and the perfumes dominated smell is sage. It is suitable for mature women, who love more intense perfumes.

Historická vila na prodej, Praha 5 - 471m
Historická vila na prodej, Praha 5 - 471m, Praha 5

‘When I hear the word ‘Paris’, the first thing I imagine is the Eiffel tower.’

Elodie Pollet has lived in different places in Paris, and it’s difficult for her to single out one place, which became closest to her heart. Most likely, it would however be the terrace on the highest floor of the shopping mall Printemps, where there is a fantastic view of the city and its monuments. We reccomend!

With the coming International Women’s Day, we had to ask about the main difference between Czech and French women.

‚French women are modern, free and elegant. I see the main difference in the reality, that when a Czech woman bears a child, she sacrifices her career, whereas French women don’t.’

Each person has it differently. We wish all women all the best, and that they are themselves and satisfied, and that they are surrounded by respectable and admirable people.

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