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Where we sleep, what we eat, how entertainment has changed

This is what the future holds! Robots, sleeping in a bubble, eating in a greenhouse and a casino with plexiglass instead of people

Mgr. Jana Höger
10.Jul 2020
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Mediamatic restaurace jako skleníky

Until recently, we were unable to imagine that one single virus could affect the way the whole world works and have such a huge impact on our lives. Unfortunately, it's no longer a catastrophic movie, a slightly farfetched sci-fi flick, but our reality. Our basic needs, eating, sleeping and entertainment, took on a different form. Let us show you some new and creative ways of living and learn how various countries reacted to the pandemic.

Bubliny, bydlení v Attrap'Rêves
Kasino Hialeah Park Casino
Restaurace, kde se podává jídlo na dřevěném podnosu

Food served in a greenhouse

A Dutch restaurant came up with an innovative idea. They gave their ingenious project the French name Serres Séparées, which translates as "separate greenhouses". They are exceptional in their design, capacity for a maximum of 3 people and food served to customers on long boards. All this to maintain proper hygiene and safe distances between guests. From the outside, it looks like a giant complex of greenhouses, not out in the fields, but in the heart of the city. Maybe we'll get to see this in Prague one day.

Sleeping in a bubble

Sleeping or camping in a bubble, the so-called glamping, must be experiencing a huge boom now. Spending a night in these bubbles, located in a safe distance from each other, with no living soul in sight, is definitely attractive. What's more, you're not confined within four walls - you see nature stretching in front of you in all its beauty. Who wouldn't like to experience that?

Prodej luxusního bytu, Troja - 107m2
Prodej luxusního bytu, Troja - 107m2, Praha 7

Entertainment behind plexiglass

This is a sad reality in the US, specifically in Florida at Hialeah Park Casino. Gone are the days when passionate players huddled at the tables and champagne or whiskey was flowing freely. Now there are a maximum of 4 players standing at the table, breathing into a transparent barrier erected around the table.

Robots will assist you

Robots probably won't save humanity, but they are quite adept at helping and making our lives easier. They are completely immune to any viruses and diseases. Cybernetics specialists were aware of this fact and programmed a number of special robots. In various parts of China, they have a robotic dog that makes sure that people keep a distance of two meters and their mouth is covered. Or robots that are able to disinfect a room or take a person's temperature. In Israel and Thailand, certain hospitals use robots to enable the doctors to video chat with a patient. Even in the Czech Republic, we have our special assistant in the form of a mute sommelier. At Cyberdog in Prague, a robotic arm that looks like a massive, flexible arm pours you wine.

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