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This Is What Commemorative Coin Issued to Mark 200th Anniversary of National Museum Looks Like!

Eva Ledecká
11.Oct 2018
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Commemorative coins

The National Museum celebrates its 200th birthday this year. A commemorative silver coin and a postage stamp were issued to mark this anniversary. Collectors, pay attention!

We all impatiently await the ceremonial opening of one of the main historical and cultural treasures of our country, the National Museum in Wenceslas Square, which is being reconstructed since 2011. The opening will take place on 27 October in the presence of constitutional officials, politicians and other important celebrities. (For more about opening the National Museum, see: Renovated National Museum Is to Be Opened in October With a Great Show!

Before this happens, let us ease your waiting by showing you the coin and postage stamp that are to celebrate the 200th anniversary of this museum institution!


Commemorative silver coin
Commemorative gold coin
Stamp celebrating 200 years of National Museum

Commemorative coins with museum and trilobite

The commemorative silver coin was issued by the Czech National Bank and was minted by the Czech Mint. Its nominal value is 200 CZK and was designed by the medallist Petr Horák.

On the front side, there are depicted trilobite, the marl Celt head from Mšecké Žehrovice, the denar of Prince Boleslav II., the skeleton of the fin whale and two extinct animals – the thylacine and the Cape Verde giant skink. These are important exhibits that are part of the collections of the National Museum. The back side depicts the historical building and the new building of the National Museum with years 1818 and 2018. This commemorative coin is made of 925 portions of silver and 75 portions of copper. Its diameter is 31 mm and it was issued in the number of 16,200 pieces.

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

This coin is not the first commemorative item that came into being for the celebration of the important anniversaries of the National Museum. This year, a gold coin with the historical building was issued in the number of 99 pieces.

Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of the creation of a Czechoslovak crown.

"The public can look forward to many special issues, including the historically first commemorative banknote or circulatory twenty-crown with portraits of state and currency makers," said Josef Ducháček, the director of the CNB's Cash and Payments Section.

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Glorious stamp with the number 1000!

The author of the design of the stamp, which was published on October 10, is Jan Kavan and Martin Srb made the engraver. What is the image on the stamp commemorating the 200th anniversary of the National Museum? It is the historical building of the museum and the statue of Cechia from the fountain in front of the building.

A stamp with a nominal value of 19 CZK and a size of 23 x 40 mm was issued in the number of 750 thousand pieces and it is the 1000th stamp issued after the division of Czechoslovakia.

"On December 18th, it will be 100 years when the first Czechoslovak postage stamp with Alfred Mucha's Hradčany motif was issued. Not only philatelists, but everybody without exception, can be proud of the fact that for centuries, the Czechoslovakian and later Czech stamps have retained the status of the most beautiful stamps and in international competitions they are regularly among the leaders, " said Ondřej Veselský, the director of the International and National Relations Section of the Czech Post Office.

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