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Beauty of Pinkas Palace is associated with a historic structure, the oldest stone bridge in Czech Lands - Judita´s Bridge. The sad fact is that it was auctioned in the largest involuntary auction in the Czech Republic.

What can be Done in 5 Minutes? To Sell Pinkas Palace for 480 Million!

Mgr. Jana Höger
22.Dec 2018
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Pinkas Palace

The Pinkas Palace as a hidden pearl, tucked away in the vicinity of Charles Bridge

A luxury house on the Kampa Island is one of few solitaires of its kind that may be found in Malá Strana. Its exterior seems like a well-designed palace structure. But within there is a great surprise awaiting its visitors; it is a rich ´cluster´ of several original buildings, gradually morphed and evolved to its recent form. The original stucco was fully replaced by new ones of lime basis, including the final surface treatment of pure lime paint in three colours - sand, brickstone and green tint.

Pinkas Palace
Pinkas Palace
Pinkas Palace

It took 5 minutes for the palace to be sold

The involuntary auction took place at the luxurious rooms of hotel InterContinental. Pinkas palace hammer price will make you feel dizzy. 480 million crowns is how we value this historical monument. The auction was participated upon by just two entities. Involuntary auction is the term for a public auction, carried out on impetus of an auction proponent, without agreement of the owner of the auctioned subject matter or immovable property in case of real estate auction. 

For us, that means that we are one wonderful luxury cultural monument shorter. Isn´t it a pity? It is in the hands of a private owner and is only up to him how he will dispose of such a jewel. We hope that he will be sensitive to the historical background and that he will maintains its beauty.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 176m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 176m, Praha 9

Historical background. You will not guess how it´s been nicknamed!

The building in the northern part of Kampa was called Prachovna. It got its name after burgher Prachař to whom it belonged in 1557. However, later on, in the year 1648, the house was damaged by the Swedes. Its form has changed at the end of the 17th century when a conversion plan was drawn up and then it was restored in the sixties of the 18th century. In the years 1807-1810 the palace obtained its uniform neoclassical façade. It bears the name of Pinkas´ family, to whom it belonged in the years 1815-1908. Ladislav Pinkas was a lawyer, Member of the Parliament and founder of the Czech Fencing Club. In 2014 it underwent an extensive refurbishment and renovation during which two pillars of the Romanesque Judith Bridge, the predecessor of Charles Bridge, were discovered in its cellars.

We should appreciate such historical monuments!

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