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The Whale Bar St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort has recently won the international design prize for the most beautifully-designed space. We can thus marvel at the unbelievable beauty of minimalism and luxury. A bar that to some looks like a giant head of a shark or a whale. What do you think?

The ´Whale´ Bar St Regis - Sky-high Luxury in the Maldives

Mgr. Jana Höger
20.Feb 2018
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The ´Whale´ Bar St Regis, Maledives

The Maldives bring great wonders

The Maldives are characterised by a chain of 19 coral atolls, that start 500 km south-west from the shores of India and which spread in the length of around 800 km in the north-south direction. In a luxury beach resort on the Vommuli island you can experience snow-white beaches and crystal-clear sea. Relaxing times are ahead of you on the beach in the form of unlimited choice of entertainment and sports activities. One of the possible treasures to see is a luxury construct that comes out of the sea in the form of a giant head, concealing a unique bar. 

A bar merging with nature and crystal-clear sea

It is dominant by its shape, bearing resemblance to a skeleton of a huge whale shark. The oak materials extensively used here soften the atmosphere through reflection of the light in synchronisation with the soft neutral colour palette which further complements the natural light within the entire area. Fishing wood with shingle around the kitchen area and the smooth grey stucco in the ´body´ of the whale emphasises the maritime iconography. The guests may enjoy cocktails in the contrasting interior and also admire the Maldives arts. Traditional murals of St. Regis are represented by the ceiling wall painting. This masterpiece is composed of five arched oak panels that were created using the Maldives artistic techniques of pyrography by the Indian artist, Mayy Burman. It depicts a father and a son, discovering a paradise of coral, fish and plankton, representing celebration of marine life of the Maldives.

Thanks to the open design the guests are also provided with a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean. You can observe life in the sea, isn´t it the most luxurious feeling?

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

The Bar St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort behind which stands the fantasy of the Singaporean and London design team WOW Architects l Warner Wong Design, won the awards of the most beautifully-designed space - SBID International Design Awards 2017. 

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