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The new play of the theatre Divadlo na Jezerce, Sláva strojů a měst (The glory of machines and cities) offers more than just the compelling performance of Jaroslav Dušek!

‚We’ll pour concrete over everything!’ proclaims Dušek in the play ‘Sláva strojů a měst’

Eva Ledecká
31.Jan 2019
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Jaroslav Dušek, The glory of machines and cities

I was looking forward to the new theatre play at Divadlo na Jezerce largely due to the fact, that the actor Jaroslav Dušek was going to perform in it. The fact, that I found out that the actor will enact multiple characters (even female ones), added to my excitement and increased my expectations of great entertainment.

However, in this regard, I was disappointed. Don’t expect entertainment in terms of changing costumes or changing the tone of his voice. The actor’s role in this play is largely narrative. 

Jaroslav Dušek and Petr Nikl
Sláva strojů a měst
Jaroslav Dušek v nové divadelní hře

2 American engineers and German journalist meet with a Czech beekeeper.

The play provokes a lot of philosophical questions concerning the present situation and prospects towards the future. Scientists, unlike beekeepers, see success in having a future with many cities, and a complete change in nature and work. They take an example from bees, and they want to impose this system onto humans: only productive people will be born, and the need for sleep and sex will be suppressed.

‘We’ll take away their sleep, and give them more work... We’ll pour concrete over everything, and we’ll display nature in museums!’

Even though this is fiction, it forces you to think. The play lightly touches on the current situation, and confronts us with the direction humanity is heading towards.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m, Praha 10

‘The play ‚Sláva strojů a měst’ struck a note in me due to its view to the future, which we’re already experiencing as the present. ‘

That’s the opinion of Jaroslav Dušek, with whom I don’t agree. Our situation isn’t as bad as the scientists portray in the play. So far...

The play will enchant you!

With what? With interesting light effects, simple props, and other strange objects, which will easily transport you into a fantastic world.

Those of you, who know Jaroslav Dušek, could get the impression that he wrote the play himself. But it is an adaptation of the book  Sláva strojů a měst (The glory of machines and cities) by Jaromír Rašín.

The cast: Jaroslav Dušek – actor, Petr Nikl – artist, Ondřej Smeykal – musician and performer

The premiere was on the 24th January 2019.


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