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Welcome to a colourful world! Jungalow by Justina Blakeney

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25.May 2019
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Justina Blakeney

Jungalow can best be described by the words colour, pattern and plants. The colour shifting is commonplace with tropical rattan décor and plants in countless quantities. You can compare it to a boho style or to a luxury jungle.

Jungalow is a term created by designer Justina's for her brand that embodies her own home and style. In her words, it means wild, but at the same time cosy, homely, lively, unexpected, funky, varied and multicultural. It contains a mix of elegant items from around the world with elegant lines of modern design.

Follow your feelings, fantasy and you can't do wrong!

Jungalow-style interior has few rules. The point is not to be afraid to layer colours and patterns, and to include lots of greenery in everything. You can also mix old and new to create unexpected details.

For a while you can become a maximalist and mix pieces from different cultures. For example, a kilim carpet that serves as a decorative fabric made on the basis of wool or linen, with a sofa covered with kantha - an Indian-style embroidery. Or try to combine the Moroccan wedding blanket with Mexican serape and Japanese ceramics. A luxurious decorated interior is born!

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 176m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 176m, Praha 9

Justina Blakeney as one of the outstanding personalities of contemporary design

Justina Blakeney is a designer, artist, and author of The New Bohemians and lives in Los Angeles. She founded Jungalow, and also manages the blog of the same name, where you can find everyday inspiration. He has over 52 houseplants at home. Se compares plants to animals because they require the same care.

“Creating a home for me is not about wealth, but about creativity and the ability to use my own taste and atmosphere. It is a home that will light you up and support you, your family and your dreams and who you want to be.” J. Blakeney

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