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According to the Chinese calendar, the year of the dog will have its last day at the end of February. What did it bring and what awaits us in the following year?

Welcome the Chinese year of the pig!

Eva Ledecká
19.Dec 2018
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Welcome the Chinese year of the pig!

Join us in reminiscence of some of the most interesting events that took place in the year 2018 in the Czech Republic and decide how successful the year of the dog was for you personally! We’ll take a look at the main world awards of the year and we’ll also take a look at what we can expect in the following year, which will be in the sign of the pig or otherwise the Earth pig. What can we look forward to?

The world is at the threshold of a new age.

The main problem of today’s world is climate change, which has made a lot of waves, whether in society or in nature. It is, however, in our power to fight those forces and to change the current situation, because the root of the issues at hand is well-known to humanity.

In this year, more than any other, we can notice visible changes in our lifestyle. We’ve been more mindful of nature, we’ve tried to limit the use of plastics and we’ve tried to get closer to a zero waste lifestyle. We’ve invented new materials, that are more sustainable(such as Piňatex or Malai). Companies and corporations have limited their production of plastics and replaced their products with a more nature-suitable and sensitive alternative.

Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha
Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha, Praha 5

The technical and car industry has gone down the road of digitalization and robotisation. The human factor is being increasingly replaced by robots, in cases such as self-driving cars or planes. Technology is slowly insinuating itself into our lives, and we’re becoming accustomed to if not reliant on the role it had assumed.

The year of the dog in the Czech Republic – how friendly was it, really?

A dog is man’s best friend. This year should have been accompanied by forces of larger understanding and solidarity. Was it really so?

Czech society showed itself to be ungracious in the year 2018. The re-election of Miloš Zeman caused an even wider divide among citizens. The late election of the new mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib and instability inside the government didn’t bring the much needed solidarity either. Many things have happened, however, that we should be proud of.

The year 2018 was a significant year for our country, because we celebrated 100 year anniversary of Czechoslovakia. Celebrations were happening all over. The national army organized a military parade which took 2 years of preparation and on this symbolic day and after 3,5 years of reconstruction works, the National museum finally opened for public. The new building became the new highlight of Prague and of Czech Republic!

Victory and success of individuals always brings people closer together. This year, that person was Ester Ledecká, who performed excellently in the winter Olympics which took place this year in Pyongyang in February. She managed to steal two gold medals from the respective contests, female snowboard super G contest and the female giant slalom.

The Carlsbad film festival was a success, yet again. It featured a range of excellent films and the guests of this year were Tim Robbins and Robert Pattinson. The world of cinematography bade farewell to the iconic director Miloš Forman and the actress Gabriela Vránová and scriptwriter Juraj Herz.

Important world awards, weddings and significant births

This year’s best picture Oscar award was claimed by film Shape of water, which was directed by Guillerm del Tor. The Grammy award was won by a large margin, by Bruno Mars.

The Nobel Prize for Peace was awarded to Denis Mukwege and Nadja Murad, for their efforts in fighting abuse and sexual slavery in war conflicts in Syria and Congo. The Nobel Prize for medicine was claimed by American James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo from Japan for their research in special, immunological cancer treatment.

The wedding and birth of the year took place this year within the court of the British royal family. In April, Princess Kate gave birth to hers and Prince William’s son Louis Arthur Charles, who is known to the public by the name Prince Louis of Cambridge. Only a month later, in May 2018, Prince Harry married American actress Meghan Markle. The whole world followed these two events with avid interest.

The Chinese year of the pig will officially begin on February the 5th 2019 and will end on January 24th 2020.

What does the following year hold in stock for us ? Information is, the coming year should bring wealth and good fortune. In general, year 2019 should be a fortunate year for investors, so if you have been thinking of investing, wait until year of the dog is over. Be aware, however, that good fortune comes to those who carefully think things through. If you leave out this crucial step, you could end up losing your money fast.

The year 2019 will bring new opportunities, and many of us will meet new, interesting people – both in work and private life. Due to the fact that the pig is a symbol of positivity and productivity, all signs of the Zodiac will experience a more or less comfortable year. Isn’t that great news?

Fortune-bringing colours for the year of the pig are: red and white

Seize the moment in the next year. Try to take the good that you can from bad experiences and enjoy all the moments of peace that the year of the pig will offer you. Gather energy and make new friendships.

We wish that this coming year will bring you a lot of positive energy and at least, virtually, we’re sending you an imaginary pig for good luck.

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