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Forget about cakes and peaceful walks!

Guys weekend ideas: You're gonna have great fun!

Eva Ledecká
15.Aug 2020
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Let's be honest here, in most families and couples, it is the woman who decides where to go on the weekend. She determines the location and finds accommodation as well as entertainment in the area. But how many times have you seen men with expressions of misery on their faces in castles and chateaux, swimming pools or cafes? Those guys would have made completely different plans for the weekend, had they been allowed to, and cakes definitely wouldn't have been on the list! And we are fully aware of that, dear gentlemen, which is why we bring you tips on places you are sure to enjoy. Are you looking for some inspiration? Here you go!

Adrenaline with offroad in Milovice u Nymburka

Every weekend, the town of Milovice u Nymburka fills with people who are addicted to adrenaline. In the renowned local military and adrenaline park, you can take a ride in an armored personnel carrier, a battle tank, a land rover or on a quad bike, challenging really, really rough terrain. The armor track spans over an area of ​​200 hectares, of which 46 are occupied by an off-road track, a military base and a shooting range. You can even shoot here from Kalashnikovs! It's open from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. How much does it cost? Depends on what you'd like to try. A group ride in a combat vehicle costs 800 CZK, a ride in a Humvee will cost you 3,600 CZK.

Two-day yachting on Lipno

Sailing on Lipno also holds a promise of great entertainment. You can rent a sailboat here for the whole weekend and enjoy an awesome guys cruise! If you are an experienced yachtsman and have a captain's license, you can go for the luxury yacht Bavaria 32 with a length of 9 meters, which sleeps 6 people and costs CZK 10,000 for two days. If you're more of a newbie, they'll let you rent a smaller yacht Bavaria 20 for 4 people, which is 6 meters long. You'll pay CZK 5,000 for 2 days on board of this yacht.

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Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

Horse riding in Police nad Metují

Horses have always been the domain of men. You can enjoy a ride on the back of a beautiful strong animal with a big soul on the Turov farm in Police nad Metují. They offer rides in nature as well as training at the riding hall. Horseback riding on this farm caters to both knowledgeable and beginner riders. An 1-hour long ride outside costs 350 CZK, and you'll pay 400 CZK for 45 minutes of training in the riding hall. In the summer, you'll get to ride here until 8 PM, with 2 people being the minimum for rides in natare.

Via Ferrata in Děčín

Opposite the Děčín chateau across the river Elbe, a ferrata was built on the Shepherd's Wall in 2014. It is likely the only ferrata in Europe that runs through a city center. Along it, you'll find a total of 16 trails of varying difficulties. But none of them is too challenging for an older, able-bodied child to handle. The feratta will provide you with 1.5 to 2.5 hours of entertainment and it's free of charge, you only have to pay for the equipment. If you don't have any, you can rent it at Active Point Děčín. There's also a nice cycle path leading along the Elbe through Děčín; if you decide to spend a weekend there, don't forget to take your bike.

Make your own ale in the Litoměřice mini-brewery

Would you rather pass on all that and have a pint of ale instead? No problem! If you like beer and the challenges associated with its brewing, take a trip to Litoměřice! The mini-brewery Koliba brews ales from Žatec hops and on top of tasting them, you can try to make one yourself under the supervision of a brewer! In six weeks, you'll be able to take your ale home, complete with your own label. This fun ale brewing course will keep you occupied for the entire day - from 8 AM to 7 PM. It costs 4,000 CZK for one person, and if you come in a group of 4, each person will pay only 2,000 CZK. The price includes refreshments and consumption of beers and soft drinks.

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