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Sexy revealed backs and high slits

Wedding trends for 2020: Boho style and platform shoes! Dresses you'll fall in love with

Karolína Lišková
02.Mar 2020
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This year's magic twenty inspires many engaged couples to get married. It is therefore no surprise that prospective brides are already eagerly looking for the perfect dress to wear on their big day. Fashion designers around the world are busy coming up with innovations in the classics. Trends for this year's wedding include reveal back, jigh slits or feathers. However, the so-called boho weddings are still very popular, too.

The flowing, relaxed style of weddings became popular with the Czechs some two years ago, and the trend is still holding strong. Both the designer of wedding dresses Zuzana Lešák Černá and the owner of the wedding salon Delta Petra Vyoralová agree on this.

"Boho style is very popular, but there are still those brides who simply want to look like princesses, so they decide for a different style. However, boho prevails."

Typical for these dresses are lace and colorful floral motifs.

Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m
Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m, Okolí Prahy

That is also why nowadays, many brides go for graceful curves, but discreet exposure. When they show some skin, it is not through deep necklines, but bare backs and revealed legs. Therefore, slits go literally all the way up to the sky, without revealing more than necessary.


Not all shades of white all the same. For an ordinary mortal, a wedding dress is simply white, but experts agree that the most natural, hence the most popular white is the color of cotton, which is a creamy shade. Snow white or optical white is being pushed to the back seat. Brides are often dress in sand shade.

The owner of the salon Adina Marie Nováková even mentions the so-called ivory shade, which can also be described as off-white. The first color after white.

"It's simply not crystalline white,"

Nováková says with a smile, adding that all pastel shades from powder pink to nude are fashionable nowadays, and they are often used as a base under white lace, creating the illusion of exposed skin.

Sneakers instead of pumps

Because weddings on farms, gardens and meadows are becoming the trend nowadays, brides often choose a comfortable option over an elegant one. It is therefore not uncommon to pair a beautiful dress with ballerinas or even sneakers instead of pumps.

Nováková believes in the golden middle way: platform shoes.

"The bride will manage to keep them on until the early morning hours,"

she claims.

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