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The Italian brand of Gismondi jewellery is quite a newcomer to Pařížská Street in Prague. In June, it replaced the Zenith boutique at the address Pařížská 4 and since then it has been going great guns!

We know why Krainová, Činčurová and Katy Perry have succumbed to the jewel of Gismondi

Martina Šmalclová
13.Dec 2018
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Kristina Činčurová

Beauties who bet on Gismondi

During its operation at the prestigious Prague address, the brand of luxurious jewellery managed to adorn celebrities at many events, including the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. And who has already succumbed to these divine jewels? Simona Krainová, Aňa Geislerová, Jana Plodková, Ester Berdychová, or Kateřina Sokolová. And it is not only ladies from Bohemia, who adore the Gismondi brand! The jewellery is also worn by Gwyneth Paltrow, Katy Perry or Slovakian Miss Kristína Činčurová. What is its magic?

Cut to perfection

The Italian jewellery company was established in 1754. Since then the brand managed to create countless luxury collections and jewellery honed to absolute perfection. We, too, became to appreciate this when we saw the new enchanting Aura and Essenza collections, which tell their own story and confirm the credo of the brand:

Jewells are small works of art…

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

Aura? A word that remains the same translated to all languages!

The Aura collection is an extraordinary meeting of human strength and energy of the universe. The general and creative director of the brand, Massimo Gismondi says about the luxury collection:

“Aura is energy which surrounds us, with no beginning or end, serving as inspiration. I decided to try to grasp it by creating a collection of jewellery, whose main symbol is the shape of a circle."

We well in love with the collection of seven circles, what about you?

Essenza: The magic of precious stones

The luxury Essenza collection is comprised of elegant rings, bracelets and earrings, characterised by minimalism and combinations of white and pink gold with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires or tanzanites. The main semi-precious stone is divided into two sections, which then meet again, creating the impression of asymmetry.

TIP of Luxury Prague Life:

If you want to give a great treat to yourself or someone close to you, buy the luxury Gismondi necklace of aquamarine (35.13 carats), diamonds (6.13 carats) and sparkling emeralds (3.58 carats), which can be found at the beginning of our gallery. This jewel is sure to delight every heart!  

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