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Whoever did not miss the last show day of Prague fashion week couldn't escape our inquiring microphone!

We interviewed celebrities at the MBPFW: Can you guess who hates rain boots on women?!

Martina Šmalclová
06.Sep 2018
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Stay away from Libor Bouček with rain boots on your feet, and far from Jitka Schneiderová in red boxers!

Artificial or genuine fur? Who doesn't like rain boots in a woman's wardrobe, who red boxers on men, and who sometimes has a problem with socks in sandals? Who is a fashion guru for celebrities, who has style and who, according to famous people, most often has fashion missteps? We have answers to this and a lot more from those who did not miss the last show day of the Prague fashion week.

Between shows we captured Rony Plesl, Ivan Jirešová or Ester Geislerová!

Between the shows of Martin Kohout, Denisa Nová DNB and Impreczeova, we asked famous faces and creators of the MBPFW inquisitive questions. These often not only made them laugh, but also sweat!

Fashion experts? A few chosen ones...

The celebrities answered, among other things, who is, in their opinion, a fashion expert in the Czech Republic. While Jitka Schneiderová mentioned her daughter's name with a smile, Liběna Rochová diplomatically stated that there are several of them.

Take a look at the entire video and see also Jitka Nováčková, Ivana Mentlová, Mariana Prachařová, Liběna Rochová, Michaela Štoudková, Terezie Kovalová, Kateřina Kaira Hrachovcová, Šarlota Frantinová nebo Václava Dejčmar in a new light.

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