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We have saddled the Trojan horse: How to live in Prague and feel free

Linda Veselá
04.Nov 2020
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Are you tired of the all present hustle and would rather run away to nature? We have a solution for you in the form of a place where extraordinary adventures and a lot of culture await you and where there is always something to do. On top of that, you definitely don't have to give up sitting in the most trendy Prague cafes. Where can you find the magical place where you can have everything?

Formerly a sheepfold, today a progressive neighborhood

Originally named after the noble’s sheepfold, today is the area of Troja flourishing at a rocket pace. This is also proved by the new footbridge that connects Císařský ostrov and Troja, that replaced a structure collapsed in 2017. As Mayor Jan Čižinský told us, a lot of new plans are still in store for Prague 7. For example, a new building for the Philharmonic!

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Jan Čižinský
Jan ČižinskýSource: Profimedia

"It should be built in a place with a great potential that is a part of the panorama of the historical city and the Vltava River at the southern Bubny embankment in the area of ​​today's Vltavská metro station,"

clarified Čižinský. First, however, a new look for Vltavská has to be designed, then it is time for the concert hall. The design should be picked in an international architectural competition.

"This will be a guarantee that structure of a high architectural quality will be builtin Prague 7,"

added the mayor. Construction should be finished in 2031.

According to Čižinský, another project that is worth the mention is the HolKa footbridge, that will connect the Prague Market Square and Karlín. It emerged from an architectural competition in 2017 and we can look forward to its realization in the coming years.

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Lávka HolKa vizualizace
Lávka HolKa vizualizaceSource:

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Lávka HolKa vizualizace
Lávka HolKa vizualizaceSource:

Luxusní byt Troja 145m
Luxusní byt Troja 145m, Praha 7

From the zoo and the botanical garden to the castle

Today, Troja is one of the most attractive locations in Prague. Civic amenities are granted, but thanks to the nearby parks and the river, you will also discover places that will literally enchant you.

For example, you can go melt over the latest additions to the zoo, which, according to visitor,s is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. You should definitely not miss the newly opened Rákos Pavilion, that will take you to a tropical jungle full of colorful parrots.

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LemuřiSource: Pixabay/InspiredImages

Luxusní penthouse Troja 311m
Luxusní penthouse Troja 311m, Praha 7

If your own pets are enough for you, you can enjoy the exotic flora in one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the Czech Republic. Although its most famous part is the tropical greenhouse Fata Morgana, it also has an outdoor exhibition that is definitely worth a visit. Along the way you can have a drink in the St.Klára’s vineyard, located directly in the garden and offering a breathtaking view of the Baroque Troja Castle.

You can visit history and culture located just across the street. Try spending the afternoon wandering in the picturesque castle garden, in a small natural maze or a romantic walk around the fruit trees and flowerbeds of roses! And if you're lucky, maybe a wine festival or a concert will take place at that time.

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Zamek Troja
Zamek TrojaSource:

A paradise for athletes and adrenaline lovers

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Žena jede na kole
Žena jede na koleSource:

Nowadays, we are constantly in a hurry, sorting out health problems or stress at work. That's why it's so great to live somewhere where you can go out, get some fresh air and escape from all the hustle, at least for a while. This is exactly what one of the most beautiful Prague cycle routes around the Vltava River, from Troja to Klecánky, offers. All you have to do is hop on a bike in Troja, throw your worries over your shoulder and take a trip to the famous brewery in Únětice. Along the way, you can also enjoy the famous homemade cakes from U Lasíků, frequently visited by tourists from all over the country. A pleasant trip awaits you along the cycle route in the opposite direction. In a few minutes you will reach Stromovka, where you can enjoy everything from cycling, running, in-line skating to summer picnics with friends.

Luxusní penthouse Troja 550m
Luxusní penthouse Troja 550m, Praha 7

Adrenaline enthusiasts can visit the Loděnice sports area. It offers rafting, canoeing and kayaking on calm and wild water. If you do not have your own equipment or you are a complete beginner, don't despair. They will lend you the equipment as well as teach you to go down the river.

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Pár vypadl z lodě
Pár vypadl z loděSource: Profimedia

Horse riding and yoga relax

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Žena cvičí jógu
Žena cvičí jóguSource: Pixabay/StockSnap

If you rather prefer to look at the world from a horse's back than from a boat, you will find the right place on the Císařský Island between Stromovka and Troja. At the Prague 7 riding school you can go for a ride, either alone or with an instructor.

Do you prefer to stay grounded? Start your day with yoga lessons! You can reach Yoga Holešky on foot in a few tens of minutes as well as Octárna - just cross the Troja bridge. If you have a few extra minutes, you can combine the trip with a refreshing walk in the morning Stromovka.

Exhibitions, cinemas and theaters

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Ženský mim v divadle
Ženský mim v divadleSource:

Because a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body, we should not forget the culture that enriches the spirit. You can go to the DOX Center for Contemporary Art, which boasts exhibitions of contemporary art, architecture and design. Exhibitions and concerts of all types can be found at the Výstaviště Praha, as well as the St. Matthew's Fair and the World of the Oceans aquarium.

Are you a movie fan? Then head to Bio Oko, which focuses on non-traditional and art production. If you are more attracted to the stage, you will definitely enjoy the famous GoJa Music Hall, located in the iconic pyramid.

Luxusní triplex se zahradou Praha 7 - 191m
Luxusní triplex se zahradou Praha 7 - 191m, Praha 7

Mastered cafe trends

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KávaSource: Pixabay/StockSnap

Instead of blood, coffee flows through your veins and you like to follow the latest coffee trends? We have good news for you! Holešovice is one of the places that establish them! There are so many iconic businesses that we really don't recommend trying them all in one day. You wouldn’t be able to sleep for another week with so much caffeine.

Please note in advance that you will have a problem arranging breakfast and brunches with friends! You won't know which of the special-looking businesses to try first. Sandwiches and cakes will be prepared for you, for example, in Cafe Letka, if you like to sit in the garden and watch the rush of the street, we recommend Bistro 8. When you feel under the weather or just would like something sweet, head to Waf-Waf to cheer you up. Both with waffles and its colorful interior.

Steak and burger? Bring it!

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Pár na večeři
Pár na večeřiSource: Profimedia

Where to have lunch and dinner? That is the beautiful thing about Holešovice. The food menu is almost unlimited. While in the one corner meat lovers can enjoy a juicy steak in Stejkárna Holešovice, a few blocks away you can go for a good burger to Hillbilly or to Burger Letná. If you feel like exotic, Mexican quesadillas and burritos are waiting for you at Burrito Loco. Or would you prefer the excellent Vietnamese Bún bò Nam Bô? You can get it on almost every corner. If you're still not tired, why not dance the night away with your favorite drink at the Cross Club, Misch Masch at the Stromoffka Club?

Are you attracted by the peace of nature, great accessibility to the city center and an endless number of experiences? You already know where to find them.

Luxusní kancelář na prodej v Troji 48m
Luxusní kancelář na prodej v Troji 48m, Praha 7

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