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On a hill above the Vltava River luxurious picturesque countryside and links to historical settlements can be found. Suchdol is a place that is ideally made for peaceful living. We are inviting you to discover the most interesting places.

Walk through Prague Suchdol’s most interesting places

Eva Ledecká
17.Aug 2017
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Základní škola Mikoláše Alše, nová luxusní budova

The original village of Suchdol was founded by the Přemyslids in the 10th Century on a hill over the Vltava River and it now falls under Prague 6. You can enjoy the luxurious location of this contemporary Prague quarter at first glance, above which the rocky Kozí hřbety can be seen. It is a natural monument that is frequently visited by mountaineers and tourists from a widespread area.

As is evidenced by numerous findings the traces that you can find there of ancestors come from the period of 300 thousand years ago. An important milestone for Suchdol, however, was the 17th Century, when the plague broke out. A bell tower was built in the morgue cemetery and then the Chapel of St. Wenceslas, which you can also visit today.

Schools as important buildings

The significant buildings in this area are mainly schools. The Masaryk School, which was built in 1931, was the pride of Suchdol in the middle of the 20th Century. Its original version did not survive, however. The new luxurious School Building was built in 1993 and was officially opened with the participation of Olga Havlová.

The second half of the 20th Century saw the construction of the Agricultural University (The Czech University of Life Sciences).

Luxusní byt Troja 111m
Luxusní byt Troja 111m, Praha 7

The Former Arts Center - Brandejs Estate

The building that experienced times full of life and art, now has almost no signs of life, except for the horses that are there on behalf the CULS students. The first mention of Brandejs’s luxury farm in Starý Suchdol dates from the 13th Century. In the middle of the 16th Century it was rebuilt into a brewery and in the second half of the 19th Century, the Brandejs family settled there. The painter Mikoláš Aleš also found his home and created his most beautiful and luxurious pieces of art on this farm, such as the Homeland series. Other artists of the time, such as František Ženíšek, Antonín Lhota, the sculptor Václav Myslbek or the poets Julius Zeyer and Jaroslav Vrchlický, also met at the farm. Now the farm is under rent to the CULS and students study horse breeding and riding there.

Suchdol represents a pleasant neighbourhood from where you can quickly reach the countryside outside Prague and at the same time take a bus to Dejvice on Vítězné náměstí. For those who like to combine sports activities in the wild with the vibrant energy of a nearby centre, Suchdol is the perfect place in which to live.


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