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Animal prints are on the up, have you gotten some, too?

Wake up your inner Beast, and Don some Animal Print!

Dominika Žejdl
27.Dec 2018
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Animal print

A luxury fashion trend that will perhaps never go out of fashion. Have you also succumbed to animal prints or are you on the contrary among those who don´t know how to wear it? It is not easy to carry it off and combine it for it to look bright and modern. We have chosen for you some amazing animal print pieces, which shouldn´t be lacking in your wardrobe. And don´t be afraid to let your hair down; classics in fashion are sometimes boring and there is an opportunity to really enjoy yourself!

A proper dose of animal extravagance

So when we want to put on some animal print models, why not go the whole way and have a bit of fun with it? And thank goodness, the luxury fashion houses have already kept that in mind; they are currently offering crazy colourful outfits. The first designer who got a plus mark from us is Alexander McQueen with his luxury pencil skirt with a frill. The combination of black, white and orange it looks very effective and stylish. Everyone will be guessing what the pattern on the skirt means and whether the luxurious frill is actually hiding some wild animal.

Stella McCartney excels through her play of colours, offering in her luxury collection a neon an orange-green leopard print. The last of our favourites as regards bold pieces is a dress by Valentino of a deep pink shade with a wild tiger pattern, which will become your favourite fashion piece. 

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

Animal print on shoes and accessories

Considering the fact that the entire outfit forms a whole, it is important to think about a decent pair of animal print boots, too. You can choose from high heel shoes, ankle-high or hiking boots. The style is only up to you. Our favourite in the newsroom are boots in the style of Dr. Martens from fashion label Proenza Schouler. The tiger print combines orange brown colour with black and stands out perfectly on the material of fine plush.

Every lover of simple high heels which you can now in winter wear in the office is sure to appreciate high heels by the Aquazzura brand which combine leopard style and zebra print. The leopard high boots with stiletto heels do not look at all bad and thanks to their close silhouette they will perfectly hold your foot. 

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