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During your wanderings through Prague you will discover a number of magical places with either a mysterious atmosphere or shimmering luxury. The genius loci of Vršovice is unmistakable in its mixing of the spirits of history and modernism.

Vršovice: the Oldest Municipality in the Czech Capital

Mgr. Jana Höger
16.Nov 2017
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Praha Vršovice - ulice Kodańska

Perhaps you did not know it, but 115 years ago Vršovice was declared a town by the Emperor Franz Joseph I. By the historical development of the capital it then became its cadastral area and a city district belonging to Prague 10. It overflows with interesting and attractive places as well as luxurious and gorgeous historical buildings.

How it all began, or a little bit of history does not hurt

The name Vršovice has never been precisely determined etymologically; there are only some tangible guesses and assumptions. It is true, however, that its name was mentioned in the founding charter of the Vyšehrad Chapter of 1088. During the reign of Charles IV and his efforts to establish vineyards on Prague hills, Vršovice met his needs. The sunny locations were planted with new vineyards and the municipality continued with its lucrative agricultural activities. After the demolition of the Prague fortifications, an avid development begun in this municipality, which resulted in the declaration of the Town (1902) and the receiving of the town emblem. In 1922 it became connected to Prague. The town also accepted cca. 3,500 inhabitants from the Central Bohemian town of Milovice. The oldest witness of the lost time is the luxurious Church of St. Nicholas, where the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene stood in around the year 1000. The contemporary appearance of the church dates back to the 17th Century and it carries clear traces of the Baroque style. It creates a centre in the heart of old Vršovice and it also dominates the skyline.

A big, small, tiny house; or how people lived 100 years ago

Almost none of the old houses can be found there in their original form. They are scattered all over the district, interlocked between modern and high-rised buildings. Even though, the district’s urbanisation is increasing, some of the buildings were demolished due to their unsatisfactory static condition or to provide a space for implementing new architectural ideas, while others have been left out, e.g. on Košická, Rostovská or Smolenská Streets.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

A little bit of modern architecture

Those who do not want to look at cracked plaster, wooden shutters and houses with saddle roofs, can enjoy views of the Koh-i-Noor factory, the Vršovice Chateau, the functionalist St. Wenceslas Church with its prismatic tower designed by Josef Gočár or a pre-stressed concrete building designed by Karel Truksa, i.e. the building that houses the Czechoslovak Hussite Church.

Vršovice invites you to visit it for a luxurious and romantic walk and to contemplate the beauty of Prague.

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