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During the interwar period (the First Republic), Vlasta Burian was a real celebrity. He appeared in a number of advertisements, recommending Petrof pianos, Thymolin toothpaste, or excellent coffee by Julius Meinl. However, he was most associated with the firm of Baťa.

Vlasta Burian - what you Might not Have Known - a Star of Interwar Advertisements!

Mgr. Jana Höger
28.Oct 2018
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The interwar advertising was very much aimed at men, too. It endeavoured to entice them to buy luxury cars, technology, but also clothes or cosmetic products. The advertisements were notable for their sleek elegance, wit and unusual effectiveness through their simplicity.

Baťa - a great factory for footwear, but also funny advertisements

Perhaps you will not be much surprised to hear that one of the greatest First Republic stars, who enthusiastically participated in advertising, was comedian Vlasta Burian. One could say that he knew how to go about it to perfection. The most frequently shot advertisements concerned footwear, but also other Baťa´s products - stockings, socks, floor coverings Zlinolit or tyres, rubber and inflatable toys. The Zlín-based Baťa Shoe Company began, as early as at the end of twenties use a new medium for its promotion - the film. It was then, in the interwar era that the legendary advertising campaigns featuring Vlasta Burian were made - for Baťa tyres. Will it entertain you? Judge for yourself from the video.

We are also bringing you other adverts from the period of the First Czechoslovak Republic...

Tatra paid a tribute to women and did not hesitate to entrust them its vehicles

Tatra used something similar in its First Republic advertising strategy, during the 30´s. It provided beautiful women with the option to sit behind the wheel; they travelled according to plan around the country, promoting the top-quality, luxury vehicles. Magazines and newspapers then joined in, bringing news and even photos from the various stops en route. Was success guaranteed!?

Prodej unikátního rodinného domu - 755 m²
Prodej unikátního rodinného domu - 755 m²,

The Škoda works really showed off. The biggest advertising hit was to have a car from ´ether´!

Car advertisements in those days was construed in a completely different way. It had to be tried and tested over time, but also real results. Therefore it was no exception that vehicles underwent journey to countries such as Africa, Asia or straight around the world. Luxury cars, which went to such far-off journeys then promoted their country of origin as well as other products. Thanks to these journeys, Škoda ensured great success not only in press of that time, but also in the radio. Through this clever advertising strategy, in the second half of the 1930s, Škoda became the largest producer and exporter of cars in Czechoslovakia.

Radio Phillips

Men have always enjoyed technology. Great popularity in household of that time was enjoyed by the radio, since a television was often too much of a luxury.

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