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Visiting Mr. Humberto: We do not abuse animals! See what facilities they have

Karolína Lišková
30.Sep 2019
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Going on a bus in Prague-Krč this morning and seeing two giant elephants graze by a block of flats, this is what we call a hangover, for example. However, these days it may happen to you, because the place opposite the Thomayer Hospital, is currently the location of circus Humberto. They have decided that because of the hysterical animal protectors who are fighting for the abolition of circuses, the circus will open their gates to the public also beyond the planned performances. So we went to cuddle with elephants and observed the training of cute but carnivorous cats with respect!

Jedno ze dvou desetiměsíčních mláďat.
Obě dámy se prý rády předvádí.
Slonice jsou rády čisté.
Navrátil líbá jednoho ze svých medvědů.

Although we think animals simply belong to nature, some circuses really have something to them. Most animals are already born among humans, all are accustomed to human care, so they would immediately die in nature. So the circus, where there is a lot of space, enough food and a lot of fun, is actually quite an acceptable form of animal life.

Circus Humberto director Hynek Navrátil wants anyone to be able to see for themselves what conditions do circus animals live in. He is the sixth generation that cares for, trains and performs with animals. He considers his lions, lion cubs and tigresses to be his family. Very often they cuddle and laze with them, during training he actually plays with them. He doesn't force any animal to do anything it doesn't want.

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

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Navrátil a jeho vůdce smečky King.
Navrátil a jeho vůdce smečky King.Source: Facebook cirkusu Humberto


“I've never hit any of my animals. They have a great memory, and in a cage they could easily pacify me because they would know I am the one who hurt them,”

explains why he does not reprimand. In his hand, he only has a stick with chunk of meat stabbed on it, which the beasts receive as a reward for a job well done.

"I consider myself an animal protector, fighting against circuses and breeders who abuse their animals,"

he claims.

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Kočičky a masíčko.
Kočičky a masíčko. Source: Facebook cirkusu Humberto

Italian elephants

For the first time, elephants from Italy have also visited the Czech Republic. Almost fifty-year-old ladies do not even need their “coach”. Amedeo Falco is said to have grown up with these beauties, that put their trunks in his stroller, so it's no wonder he considers them to be his sisters.

“There are more human than me. I love them, I would never hurt them, so I don't understand the hysteria about abuse. I know there are people who don't treat animals well, but they can't close all the circuses because of that,”

the Italian trainer wonders.

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Italský cvičitel a jedna z jeho slonic.
Italský cvičitel a jedna z jeho slonic. Source: Facebook cirkusu Humberto

Anyway, we are sincerely wondering how this war of animal protectors and circuses will turn out ...

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