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Vibrating sneakers will make it possible for the deaf to listen to music!

Nela Štefanová
08.Dec 2019
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You probably know the feeling, when you're at a concert or at home, listening to your favorite song, and suddenly your entire body begins to dance. But why should we use only our ears when listening to music, when the rhythm and tones of music can be perceived, for instance, through our feet. In America, sneakers have been developed that are equipped with Bluetooth technology and speakers, which literally make your body vibrate. Not only will these "musical" shoes liven up your experience while listening to music, dancing, or playing virtual reality games, they can also help deaf people get a better idea about sound.

Most of the time we listen to music at home through our mobile phones, laptops or various home speakers or headphones. Now, however, the option of quality, intense listening without the danger of hearing impairment has come to the market. The new EP 01 sneakers from Drop Laps offer their owners an exceptional sound experience through vibrations that stimulate the nerve receptors in their feet. For the deaf, this message represents hope and the opportunity to "hear" music for the first time in their lives.

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These modern shoes can make the insole, heel and upper instep vibrate to the melody and rhythm of any music you pair with your shoes via bluetooth. With the matching application on your phone, the intensity of the vibrations can be adjusted to different levels of "volume".

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

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"EP 01 provides a sound experience similar to that of a live concert or club music,"

said the director of the new startup Susan Paley. According to her, the sound delivered through the sneakers is much richer and livelier.

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"Many people told us that thanks to the sneakers, they can perceive the tiniest details, full bass lines, dynamic ranges and various instrumentation in music. This brings them an exciting experience,"

she concluded.

Not just for virtual reality

Although the sneakers are not your best choice if you are about to run a marathon, nothing prevents you from using them while relaxing. You can put them on while watching your favorite movie or playing video games.

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Source: @droplabs

The first version of this designer, elegant black footwear boasts a six-hour battery life and a magnetic charging port located on the heel. You can identify it as a blue glowing light. If you would like to try the shoes, get ready to pay $ 549, which is almost 12,700 Czech crowns. It is a given that the company will continue to develop these shoes further, so we can look forward to what novelty pair they'll come with next year.

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