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It’s time to assess the newest FW19/20 collections of two Italian fashion aces!

Versace vs. Prada: Which brand trumped the other in Milan?

Martina Šmalclová
03.Mar 2019
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Versace FW 19/20

Longer doesn’t mean better: Prada knows what we mean.

This brand came onto the market 65 years before Versace, but the Prada brand came to grief in our uncompromising fashion duel. It gave us boredom and greyness in Milan and not even the few truly deluxe items were able to save it from crashing and burning. Although Versace presented items full of wild creations in some places, it still comes out the winner. Its concept for FW19/20 is playful, energetic and sexy. Say goodbye to a boring autumn, Versace has arrived!

Versace and its 3 TOP items

1) You will look both sexy and elegant in the model presented by Kendall Jenner. The long black jacket with a gold buckle at the waist is perfect in combination with stockings and chic accessories in the same colour.

2) Are you confident enough to show off your body? Then wear the glittering black dress, which has a bra and straps instead of a classic top!

3) The nude trench coat with unusual orange sleeves and gold elements is a timeless and chic item and the burgundy waist-bag is similarly deluxe.

Versace and its fashion hell

The outfit consisting of a satin mini-dress, green stockings, a yellow handbag, pink gloves and an animal print fur coat was a total fashion failure. There is far too much going on here!

Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m
Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m, Praha 8

Prada and its 3 TOP items

1) The black midi dress with long sleeves embellished with flowers is a truly beautiful item. It’s a shame that the brand didn’t follow the same path...

2) The white shirt with collar worn with the white pencil skirt, both embellished with flowers, is a deluxe masterpiece. Beautiful, simple and feminine. Yes, yes, yes! 

3) We apologise to Prada but the third item remains shrouded in secret. 

Prada and its fashion hell

The weird khaki fatigues with a maxi breast pocket were a fashion failure. In this case not even the shoelaces in the hiking boots were a good idea...

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