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From sexy lingerie to the little black dress or trendy leather.

Valentine's Day Outfits: Let your outfit speak for you on February 14th

Martina Šmalclová
12.Feb 2021
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Žena s balónky

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not, there's always a reason to put on something nice, do your make-up, and pamper yourself a little. As has well been said, one should do things mainly for one's own sake. So why not wear something fancy on February 14th? Because, you know, your better half who's been by your side during your worst and best moments deserves it, but most importantly... you deserve it too!

Don't plan, improvise

Don't waste time planning your outfit weeks in advance. Instead, adapt it to your current mood and emotional state. Do you feel like playing the role of a romantic delicate flower, a sexy vamp or Audrey Hepburn in little black dress today? We bring you a fresh dose of fashion inspiration.

A romantic soul through and through

Bet on flowers. The more the better! And if you add some lace or ruffles, you're golden. Stylish models from the brands Adam Lippes, Zimmermann or Andrew GN will help you turn into a gentle creature that not even a fly would want to hurt and every man would bend the sky for. If a dress seems too bold, soften it with accessories in neutral shades of black, white or nude.

Šaty Adam LippesGo to the store
Šaty Adam Lippes
Šaty ZimmermannGo to the store
Šaty Zimmermann
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Šaty Andrew GN
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Bílé lodičky RED(V)

A spicy little black dress

A timeless piece in the style of Audrey Hepburn, as offered for instance by Khaite, paired with pumps in a distinctive color, is always a safe bet! Our favorite is the color of 2021 - bright yellow, which spices up the black wonderfully. Adorn your luxurious outfit with gold accessories and you're ready to meet your date!

Šaty KhaiteGo to the store
Šaty Khaite
Žluté lodičky Gianvito RossiGo to the store
Žluté lodičky Gianvito Rossi
Psaníčko Tyler EllisGo to the store
Psaníčko Tyler Ellis

Byt na prodej Smetanovo nábřeží 235m
Byt na prodej Smetanovo nábřeží 235m, Praha 1

Sexy rebel

When else should you opt for a bold combination of passionate crimson and leather/faux leather, if not on Valentine's Day?! Our fashion editorial staff immediately fell in love with the polka dot Saint Laurent top with a ribbon under the neck, combined with comfortable high-waisted trousers from the RAQUETTTE brand. But you won't make a mistake if you go for a skirt or shorts in combination with black tights either.

Halenka s puntíky Saint LaurentGo to the store
Halenka s puntíky Saint Laurent
Kožené kalhoty RAQUETTEGo to the store
Kožené kalhoty RAQUETTE

Not bold enough for leather? Try the popular white-black combo and unfettered patterns. Complete the skirt and top with a belt that will highlight your curves. And what kind of shoes should you slip into? Definitely fashion boots!

Top Isabel MarantGo to the store
Top Isabel Marant
Sukně Isabel MarantGo to the store
Sukně Isabel Marant
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Pásek Isabel Marant
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Kozačky Isabel Marant

Behind closed doors

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Žena ve spodním prádle
Žena ve spodním prádleSource: Profimedia

Where does a successful date end? Why, of course in the bedroom! Forgetting about quality, and most importantly sexy lingerie would therefore be ill-advised. But even when it comes to underwear, you should always keep in mind to choose what you'll feel comfortable in.

So, do you already know what outfit you'll bet on? Or are you one of those people who've decided to completely ignore St. Valentine's Day this year?

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Podprsenka Agent Provocateur
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Kalhotky Fleur Du Mal
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Podprsenka La Perla
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Kalhotky La Perla
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