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What secrets will the Dancing House reveal?

Václav Havel's apartment or Karel Lagerfeld's sword. The Dancing House unveils things previously unseen!

Nela Štefanová
22.Jun 2020
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For the first time in history, the Dancing House, a building you cannot fail to notice in Prague, has opened previously forbidden spaces to visitors, including a new viewing platform from where you can spot the apartment of former Czech President Václav Havel in the courtyard. Until the end of August, you can enjoy a delicious drink on the roof of this unique and spectacular house, visit the gallery or find out more about its technical background, such as the ventilation system. We from have already taken one such tour on the occasion of the opening party. You're going to be susprised what all we discovered!

"We decided to open these hitherto non-public spaces to visitors to mark the 30th anniversary of architect Vlad Milunič's design and also to celebrate Václav Havel's first idea to build a cultural house near Jirásek Square, bustling with life. Unfortunately, we hadn't been able to do it any sooner, because we had to meet strict safety conditions,"

the director of the gallery, Robert Vůjtek, told

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Tančící dům má dlouholetou historii.
Tančící dům má dlouholetou historii. Source: instagram: galerie_tancici_dum

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

And since the concept of the Dancing House is connected with Václav Havel, you can now take a peek into his apartment as well. Well, not quite into his living room or bathroom. But at least at his balcony. A previously inaccessible terrace has recently opened for visitors, from where you can see part of the apartment, where the former president had lived until he moved to Dejvice, across the courtyard. This house is listed and I must say that it was nice to get carried away by thoughts for a while and imagine our first president reading a book on the balcony or enjoying his morning cigarette.

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Source: instagram

The Dancing House now consists of seven parts - a gallery, a reception, a cafe, a hotel, offices designed by architect Eva Jiřičná, a restaurant and a beautiful viewing platform with a bar. You can now visit all the parts, but there's more still.

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Můžete navštívit prostory, které byly doposud nepřístupné
Můžete navštívit prostory, které byly doposud nepřístupné Source: instagram: galerie_tancici_dum

"The boiler room, which so far none of the visitors were allowed to see, is definitely worth visiting. Special technologies have been developed here exclusively for the Dancing House, which is located near the Vltava River,"

the director elaborated.

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Zjistěte, co odkrývá Tančící dům
Zjistěte, co odkrývá Tančící důmSource: instagram: galerie_tancici_dum

The opportunity to look into the technical background and other inaccessible spaces in the Dancing House was an incredible experience. It doesn't happen very often that you're able to take a closer look at the air-conditioning system or the aforementioned intriguing boiler room. Moreover, as already mentioned, the tour also includes an exhibition where you can get acquainted with the work of the famous artist and designer Bořek Šípek. The exhibition is divided into three parts and in addition to valuable glass objects, chandeliers, vases, plates or sofas, another surprise awaits you.

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V Tančícím domě probíhá výstava Bořka Šípka
V Tančícím domě probíhá výstava Bořka Šípka Source: instagram: galerie_tancici_dum

"Visitors can see the sword that the artist made for Karel Lagerfeld. Probably few people know that Bořek and Karel were great friends,"

concluded Vůjtek.

You can visit the newly opened spaces until 31 August this year.

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