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The Slav Epic is also supposed to be exhibited.

The upcoming revitalization of the Prague center: this is how Wenceslas Square and Virgin Mary Square will be transformed

Karolína Lišková
05.Jan 2021
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Žena na Václavském náměstí

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but not all places in the capital meet this saying. That is why the city management is constantly inventing and planning how to beautify the metropolis so that it would look attractive for the incoming visitors and meet the expectations local Prague residents. The Coalition of the United Forces for Prague (TOP 09 and STAN) therefore presented a visualization not only of Wenceslas Square and Virgin Mary Square, but also of Vrchlického Park.

At the last meeting of the City Council In 2020, a new appearance of Virgin Mary Square was approved, designed by the Xtopix architectural studio. It takes in consideration the modification of the surrounding streets and the square of Franz Kafka. The proposal is based on the demands of citizens to make the square a place of relax and a zone for organizing cultural events. Reconstruction of the square should begin by 2022.

"The estimated cost will be about 90 million CZK. There will be a very interesting area for pedestrians, the two existing trees will be preserved as long as they serve the infrastructure, and we will also try to restore the historical appearance of the place, for example by the means of traditional cobblestone,"

Jiří Pospíšil, the chairman of the United Forces for Prague representative club, said at the press conference.

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Budoucí podoba Mariánského náměstí.
Budoucí podoba Mariánského náměstí.Source: archiv Magistrátu hl. m. Prahy

The end of the unattractive "Sherwood"

The forefront of the main railway station, Vrchlického Park or the so-called "Sherwood", belongs to the most problematic places in the city. At the same time, it's very desirable to establish a tram connection between Vinohradská and Senovážné Square in order to relieve the most congested tram junctions on Charles Square and Lazarská. The city has therefore put out a competition dialogue for this park, which will make it possible to find the best solution for this important urban public space.

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Budoucí podoba Vrchlických sadů.
Budoucí podoba Vrchlických sadů.Source: archiv Magistrátu hl. m. Prahy

Restoration of shopping arcades on Wenceslas Square

The revitalization of Wenceslas Square began last year and at this moment the first third of the lower part of the square is completed. This year, the construction will be completed up to Jindřišská and Vodičkova streets. The main idea, however, is to preserve the tree line and restore the shopping arcades that belong to the character of the Wenceslas Square. According to the city management, this should bring life back to the city center.

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Budoucí podoba Václavského náměstí.
Budoucí podoba Václavského náměstí. Source: archiv Magistrátu hl. m. Prahy

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Václavské náměstí
Václavské náměstíSource: archiv Magistrátu hl. m. Prahy

The Slav Epic in Savarin Palace

The Slav Epic is a treasure that is temporarily stored in Moravský Krumlov, but TOP 09 is working on a plan to find a location in Prague, where the works can be moved to. There are three Prague locations in the game. The first one is expected to temporary place The Slav Epic in the very center of the metropolis. The locations of Savarin Palace and Pragovka are directly recommended, and Těšnov is also considered among them as a place suitable for the construction of a museum.

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Projekt Savarin.
Projekt Savarin. Source: archiv Magistrátu hl. m. Prahy

The Savarin Palace on Wenceslas Square, which is currently under construction, would thus acquire the canvases for 25 years. The construction investor, the company Crestyl, approached Prague with this proposal. The representatives of the United Forces announced this to the press today. They will discuss the plan with the coalition Pirates and Praha Sobě. Prague does not yet have an exhibition space for The Epic and the canvases are in the depository. The cycle consists of 20 large canvases, which Mucha was painting for 18 years since 1910.

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

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