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Places in Slovakia that you'll never forget!

Unusual travel: Experience horror, sci-fi, a fairy tale or a journey through time in Slovakia!

Eva Ledecká
10.Jun 2020
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After being prevented from traveling abroad as tourists due to the coronavirus pandemic since March 2020, we can finally get "out" again, as the borders are opening. Why not start with Slovakia! Would you like to take a trip into a different reality? Visit these unusual places in Slovakia! You'll get to experience a horror movie, sci-fi, a fairy tale and a journey through time!

Čachtice Castle full of terrors

Visit Čachtice Castle and step into an ancient tale that will make your blood run cold. This mysterious ruin is located in the village of Čachtice in the Little Carpathians. The castle was inhabited by the Hungarian noblewoman Alžběta Báthory, also called the Lady of Čachtice, who made it infamous. So as to remain young and beatiful for as long as possible, she bathed in virgin blood here. In the end, however, she had to pay the price for her deeds and was imprisoned for life in the castle tower.

Located not far from our borders, this place is definitely worth a visit. And if you have a big imagination, read the story of the Lady of Čachtice before the trip and try to replay it in your head when you come here. Maybe the walls will tell you their secrets...

Admission: 3 euros


Accommodation tip: Pension Kuria - 1 night for 2 persons - about 1,600 CZK

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

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Hororový Čachtický hrad
Hororový Čachtický hradSource:

Penzion Kúria, Nové Mesto nad VáhomSource: Pixabay

Spišský Castle like from a sci-fi movie

The largest castle ruins in Central Europe are located about 30 km west of Prešov. Spišský Castle used to be a monumental residence back in the day; it's one of the largest castle complexes in Europe and as such, it has a firm place on the UNESCO list. Its floor plan is a little under 41,500 m2. The castle is visible from afar, as it was built on the only hill in the area. It's really immense and as you approach it, the whole scenery looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, where a huge UFO takes up your entire view and you have no idea what to expect from it! That's Spišský Castle for you - it will simply blow your mind!

Admission: 8 euros


Accommodation tip: Hotel Enchanté, Prešov - luxury suite for two persons per night - 3,500 CZK

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Spišský hrad
Spišský hradSource:

Hotel Enchanté, PrešovSource: Pixabay

Wear your clogs in Vlkolínec

Let's leave sci-fi behind and take a trip into the past instead. Would you like to feel like in the days of Božena Němcová's "Grandmother" for a while? In that case you should visit Vlkolínec, a village near the town of Ružomberok on the southern slope of the Great Fatra. Here you'll find original folk buildings, wooden houses with a shingle gable roof. The dominant feature of this open-air museum is the bell tower, a timbered winch well and the Liptov Museum in two of the dwellings. Since 1993, Vlkolínec has been on the UNESCO list. It's the only preserved Liptov village in Slovakia. Of the 55 houses, less than half are inhabited, and you can be sure that the people who live here are definitely not about to adapt to modern lifestyle. They still go to the local well for water and so on.

Admission: 3 euros


Accommodation tip: Apartments Hrabovo - 2 persons per night CZK 1,900

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Vlkolínec - cestujete časem do minulosti
Vlkolínec - cestujete časem do minulostiSource: Pixabay

Apartmany Hrabovo, RužomberokSource: Pixabay

Fairytale-like Čičmany

If you visit this village, you'll feel like in the fairy tale Hänsel and Gretel. The well-preserved local folk architecture is entirely charming. The houses look as if they were built of gingerbread. And architecture is not the only unique thing here; the local embroidery that seems almost geometrically accurate and the national costumes that you can see at various cultural events that take place in the area are equally intriguing. Since 1979, Čičmany has been declared a monument reserve. The Považské Museum owns 2 local houses where you can admire folk clothing, art and living.

Admission: 3 euros


Accommodation tip: Salaš Kl'ak, Fačkov - apartment for for 2 persons per night - 2,150 CZK

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Čičmany - domky jako z perníku
Čičmany - domky jako z perníkuSource: Pixabay

Salaš Kl'ak, FačkovSource: Pixabay

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