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An unbelievable farmhouse, conceived as a luxurious showroom, breathes a genuine English atmosphere. The peaceful countryside, charming interiors inspired by the English and French style of living. We had the opportunity to visit it and spend some magical moments with co-owner and designer Leeda Abrt.

A unique showroom: the English countryside in Czech Hobšovice

Mgr. Jana Höger
12.Oct 2018
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English Seazon, Leeda Abrtová

A house that warms your heart and smells of the English countryside

Imagine an English farm called the English Season in the very center of the Kladno district in Hobšovice, as if cut out from the English countryside. Walking through the individual rooms, floors, you admire the feel and elegance of the interiors, from which you can buy and take away everything. Everything is fine tuned to the smallest detail.

"Originally it was an old deteriorating farmhouse that we took over. The reconstruction took a year and a half, and many companies and craftsmen took part in it. It was not easy to find people with a sensitive approach to the old house who still know the craft," adds Leeda Abrt, designer and co-owner of the English Season.

The meeting with the owners was a very beautiful diversion of the showroom tour itself. With a delicious soup in hand, a homemade cake and great coffee available to visitors, we talked about the intention, inspiration, design and future plans. Are you also curious?

What style is your closest heart? What do you consider luxury style?

Closest to my heart is, of course, the English and French style of living, i.e. stone or brick houses with wooden windows, lime plaster, which as a whole breathes perfectly and creates a very natural environment. Wooden furniture, linen fabrics. One does not have to be a great designer to put together what one likes. This is what we were missing here when putting together our own living, so we felt the need to bring it to the Czech Republic.

Basically, I consider these natural materials, which are used relatively little and are always more expensive than artificial substitutes, luxury. Only a lover of this style, or a big fan of the house who does not really worry about money will be able to afford it.

Prodej luxusního rodinného domu, Praha 5 - 214
Prodej luxusního rodinného domu, Praha 5 - 214, Praha 5

What does the English countryside offer, tell us about some "specialty"?

For me, the biggest surprise is the carpet laid in the bathroom or the floorboards and wallpaper to go with it. Practicality is not an issue here at all, it will dry out and it is comfortable, your feet won't be cold!!!

Have you succumbed to a unique piece of furniture without which you cannot imagine existing?

Probably not, nowadays I am no longer attached to any materialistic things, I have recently moved, I had to throw away, sell or give away almost everything, and I started from scratch, I took with me only a few things, and that is the way it is supposed to be. I feel much lighter and more free!!!

What are your plans for the future, any projects or special lectures, etc.?

In the future, we want to focus more on larger projects such as cafés, hotels, offices. We want to create beautiful spaces for people who spend a lot of time at work, such shared spaces are a trend nowadays.

How do you think the Czechs fare when it comes to understanding English style?

I think the English style in the Czech Republic is still a little misunderstood because you have to plan it from the beginning, and most of the time our customers turn to us when they already have plastic windows or a floating floor at home. That's wrong, if I want the English style and I decide for it, we cannot make these compromises!

What I like about the English style is the boldness in color combinations, for example, to complement the stone walls they choose dark green or blue doors, windows. The English have a wonderful history in the production of wallpaper, decorative fabrics, carpets, etc. And they can create very bold and breathtaking spaces.

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