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Unique medals for future Olympic winners to be designed by Phillippe Starck

Eva Ledecká
20.Sep 2017
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Olympic medals by Starck

The Olympic Games in Paris will be held in 2024, but we already know what the victory medals which look like and what will make them unique.

Luxurious medals made “for sharing”

After having created the Olympic torch for the games held in 1992 in Albertville, France, Phillippe Starck accepted the challenge to design medals for the future Olympic Games. The designer received the request from multiple Olympic slalom and kayak champion Tony Estanguet.  


Luxusní medaile pro sdílení
Luxusní medaile pro sdílení
Návrh medaile

The luxury design has already come to light and the pieces are truly unique. At first glance, there seems to be nothing revolutionary about the medals, until you discover one detail: the luxurious medals designed by Phillippe Starck can be divided into 4 parts, which allows the Olympic champion to share their success with 3 other family members or people that have helped them succeed. This is why these future luxury medals are said to have been created “for sharing”.

With these medals, the winners can share their Olympic victory as soon as they win.

Luxusní byt na prodej 74m
Luxusní byt na prodej 74m, Praha 1

 “Now more than ever, it is true that nobody wins alone, and I wanted the medal to reflect this,” says Starck. “If the winners want to share it, they can share it.”

Phillippe Starck – leader in his field

Philippe Starck is one of the most acclaimed contemporary designers in the world. He is known primarily for his interior designs of luxury resorts and hotels. He is the author of many products, cooperating with famous brands. His name is renowned around the world, so it is no surprise that this particular French designer was chosen to design the medals for the Olympic Games, which will be held in Paris in 2024.


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