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The unique Gianfranco Ferré exhibition reveals a passion for jewels and jewellery (open until 19 February 2018)

Mgr. Jana Höger
29.Dec 2017
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Luxurious piece from unique exhibition

You can expect a deluxe 200 pieces of jewellery from the Italian fashion designer, emphasising his long-standing passion for making jewellery. Are you excited to see these masterpieces?

An exhibition titled “Under another light: jewels and ornaments”

The new exhibition by “fashion architect” Gianfranco Ferré was ceremonially opened in the middle of October. You will be able to see his work in the great hall of the Senate in Palazzo Madama in Turin in North Italy. You will be able to see jewels and ornaments, which represent the entire creative career of the famous Italian designer. For Ferré, ornaments and jewels were always a passion, inseparably linked with fashion. You can acquaint yourself with the results of his passionate and frequently innovative approach until 19 February.

“As Gianfranco Ferré said a long time ago, I believe that jewels are the most important element expressing the desire for timeless beauty, we can say that this is inborn. In the past jewels were primarily an example of power and prestige, but today they are the expression of your personality, a representation of you, yourself.” Maurizio Cibrario.

The exhibition will present shiny stones, enamel metal polished shells, retro-ceramics, Swarovski crystals, brooches, belts, rings and bracelets. Jewels made from various materials, from wood, leather and iron, to Murano glass, copper and bronze designed by the Ferré Company, with a trace of luxurious Avant-garde. One of the designs, originally in bronze, will also be repdroduced as a 3D printed copy, which you can purchase in the museum shop. And the cherry on top? There will be many cherries, for instance 8 unique luxurious Ferré dresses!

Prodej luxusní vily se zahradou, Praha 5 - 466
Prodej luxusní vily se zahradou, Praha 5 - 466, Praha 5

The luxurious space of Palazzo Madama

Francesca Alfano Migletti is the curator of this exhibition. Franco Raggi designed the exhibition and situated it in a building of immense architectural value, in the hall of Palazzo Madama. The opulent beauty of the items designed by the master from unusual materials is emphasised in contrast to the luxurious historic surroundings.

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